A unique family


Invitation poster for The Weber School’s Spring Musical. Created by Mrs. McCullough.

Matthew Sidewater, Copy Editor

The Weber School’s student musical this year is “The Addams Family”, which will be performed at 7:00 pm during the 22nd and 23rd of March at the Marcus Jewish Community Center. “The Addams Family” is a comedy about a creepy family whose daughter decides to marry a normal person outside of the family. In order to get a behind the scenes look at the play, I interviewed two of the play’s cast members, Izzy Jacobs playing Grandma Addams and serving as Morticia’s understudy, and Isabel Berlin playing Lucas. This is Isabel’s first year performing in Weber’s musicals, and Izzy had never done drama before this musical. However, Izzy always had a “fascination in the art, and she also was interested in ‘“The Addams Family.’” Izzy was so interested that when she heard that Weber’s newest school musical was going to be “The Addams Family,” she decided that she needed to be in the musical, despite the fact that she was “caught up in sports season.”

Isabel and Izzy seem to like their roles, even though Izzy “did not get the role [she] auditioned for,” because Izzy wanted to play Gomez, the father in the Addams household. However, Izzy was content with this decision because the only male in the performance was cast as Gomez. Both Isabel and Izzy have their own methods that they use to get into character. For example, Izzy simply stated, “I hunch over and think about what makes me bitter in life.” Isabel had a similar method; they practiced sitting and standing in the way that their character would. The two of them also talked to other cast members, while in character, as an exercise.
Isabel also sought guidance from Wesley Taylor, who also played Lucas in “The Addams Family,” on Broadway. The day before their audition, Isabel had been worrying about the auditions, so they tweeted Mr. Taylor, asking for advice on how to play Lucas. Isabel woke up the next day to find out that Mr. Taylor had retweeted them, saying that Lucas’s life revolves around Wednesday, another character in the musical. Isabel eventually received the part of Lucas, and tweeted Mr. Taylor, who congratulated them on getting the part.

The tweets between Isabel Berlin and Mr. Wesley Taylor. Courtesy of Isabel Berlin.

Moreover, the cast members bonded with the students from Tri-Cities High School, who are also in this year’s musical. Isabel and Izzy got along with the Tri-Cities students who, according to them, were kind, helpful, and talented. Isabel also formed bonds with some of the Weber students in the musical, such as Abby, Caroline, and Blake (who she was also able to bond with outside of practice). Now mark your calendars and make sure to get a good seat at the JCC because this looks like it will be a wonderful musical!