Bringing Israel home to families

Max Winkler, Co-Marketing Manager

The Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project (JWRP) is a group that sends mothers to Israel through the company, Momentum. “This Momentum trip is primarily designed for women who have children under 18 at home.” The leaders of JWRP also want women who are not Shabbat observant, are physically and emotionally healthy, and prefer women who haven’t traveled to Israel in their lifetime or haven’t been since they were a child. The trip involves traveling eight days through Israel to allow women to form a closer connection to their religion. JWRP believes that a key to spreading religion throughout a household is through the mother. The website claims that if you “inspire a woman, you inspire a family. Inspire enough families, you inspire a community. Inspire enough communities, you can change the world.” Their goal is to connect people to Israel and other Jews in their community and allow women to further involve Judaism in their lives. During the trip, a group of  around 20 women from the same state are selected to experience Israel. In Israel, the participants attend seminars with guest speakers, including a variety of rabbis and motivational speakers; go to holy sites, including the Wailing Wall; dance, experience the culture of Israel; and bond with the women they are with. After the trip, JWRP wants women to expand their Jewish experiences and encourage them to share their experience with their peers. JWRP has spread to over 21 different countries, including the United States and Canada, and shared the experience with over 10,000 people. In the past year, JWRP has expanded to sending men on a seven day trip to Israel, similar to the women’s trip.

Both of my parents were lucky enough to be chosen to visit Israel through JWRP, and it has changed their lives not only through their relationship with Judaism, but it has also helped them become better people with better morals. When asking my parents what made them want to do this trip, my mom, Lauri Winkler, responded, “Having a Jewish connection that wasn’t going to synagogue.” My father, Ken Winkler, claimed, “I did it because I saw how it changed her [Lauri’s] relationship with Judaism and how much happier she’s been since coming home.” I also took the chance to ask how they think the household has changed since they both experienced the trip to Israel. Lauri responded, “It changed our family in a whole new way because it created a Jewish relationship with Ally [her sister] since she joined Sigma Delta Tau (University of Georgia’s Jewish sorority) and you [Max Winkler] because it encouraged you to transfer to Weber.” I personally have also seen changes in their behavior. Some parents at The Weber School watch their children experience a five week trip to Israel and Poland to experience Judaism in a way they haven’t before. The JWRP trip is a way for parents to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a similar experience in Israel that students at The Weber School get. Like The Weber School, JWRP doesn’t want to convert you or change your religious ways, but it wants you to become a more educated Jew and involve Judaism in your everyday life in different ways.


If you are a parent and want to sign up for the JWRP Israel trip the links for applications and homepage are below:


Women’s Trip:

Men’s Trip: