Hamantashen recipes just in time for purim

Joan Nathan's hamantaschen (Craig Lee/<em>The New York Times</em>)

Joan Nathan's hamantaschen (Craig Lee/The New York Times)

For those who haven’t had hamantaschen yet this year, or are looking for something to do, making these cookies is a great way to celebrate Purim. Even if you prefer traditional flavors, there are plenty of creative and exotic recipes to try out (or just look at pictures of and salivate). Here’s a listing and summary of some of the recipes The RamPage found.

Here’s a written version of Joan Nathan’s recipe depicted in the video. Note: The recipe calls for 1 teaspoon of baking powder, not 1 tablespoon as indicated in the video. (Tablet Magazine)


Chocolate Chip Hamantaschen
Joan Nathan for The New York Times

Double Chocolate Hamantaschen
Judy Zeidler for the Jewish Journal

Triple Chocolate Hamantaschen with Nutella Filling
Shannon Sarna for My Jewish Learning

Poppy Seed

Hamantaschen with Popy Seed Filling
Joan Nathan for The New York Times

Poppy Seed Hamantaschen
Judy Zeidler for the Jewish Journal 


Sylvia Lav’s Perfect Prune Hamantaschen
Deborah Gardner for The New York Times

Apricot Butter Hamantaschen
Tori Avey

Caramel Apple Hamantaschen
Tori Avey

Cannoli Hamantaschen
My Jewish Learning

Neopolitan Hamantaschen
Amy Kritzer for My Jewish Learning


Vegetable Hamantaschen
Judy Zeidler for the Jewish Journal

Six Ways to Make Savory Hamantaschen
Samantha Ferrano for My Jewish Learning

Savory Hamantaschen
Avigail Hurvitz-Prinz for My Jewish Learning


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