Weber’s new dads


Matthew Sidewater, Copy Editor

Recently, both Mr. Mike Bennett and Mr. Sam Bradford, English teachers at The Weber School, became dads to two adorable babies, Harper Bennett and Lewis Bradford, respectively. They shared their thoughts on parenting, as well as how parenting and teaching have two overlapping principles: you cannot force a passion onto a child, and every child learns differently– you cannot teach everyone the same way. Lastly, both Mr. Bennett and Mr. Bradford spoke about how each of them spend time with their respective little angels.

Baby Harper Bennett -courtesy of Mr. Bennett

Mr. Bennett is still shocked and amazed that Harper was born, and feels this awe every time he arrives home and sees her. He loves spending time with Harper, reading her books such as Doctor Seuss books, Shel Silverstein’s stories, Good Night Moon, and even a chapter of Moby Dick! When asked about reading Moby Dick to Harper, Mr. Bennett commented, “That put her right to sleep.” Mr. Bennett loves spending time with Harper. He explained that he loves “waiting for that one special moment with Harper in an hour.” A change that he had to experience with parenting is that he was used to fast-paced action with schools and teaching, but parenting “slows you down and [you] appreciate small miracles.” Mr. Bennett appreciates these small miracles, but still appreciates the larger one, the miracle of Harper’s birth. Mr. Bennett then revealed that he thinks it is cool that Harper “needs me [Mr. Bennett] for everything, and that is a lot of responsibility.” Mr. Bennett also compared parenting to teaching, saying, “I don’t think it ever works to tell someone what they should be passionate about.”

Just like Mr. Bennett loves to spend time with Harper, Mr. Bradford enjoys spending time with Lewis; he thinks that life is even more beautiful and precious now that Lewis has come into the world. One way that Mr. Bradford loves bonding with Lewis is by learning how to play the piano with him. Mr. Bradford confirmed, “Lewis is starting to be interested in pressing the keys. He likes the minor chords,” and then continued on to say, “They say that hearts break on a minor second [Lewis also likes to play this chord], so Lewis is gonna be a heart-breaker.”

Lewis Bradford -courtesy of Mr. Bradford


Mr. Bradford also wants Lewis to have fun hobbies as an adult, such as reading books. This new father also wants Lewis to have the ability of exploring completely new worlds via books. Next, he agrees with Mr. Bennett that people cannot teach children using only “one rigid format,” but people must teach today’s youth by using a method that helps each child effectively learn. Moreover, Mr. Bradford shared Mr. Bennett’s feeling of happiness and surprise when his baby was born. However, unlike Mr. Bennett, Mr. Bradford is no longer surprised every time he goes home and sees Lewis. He feels that he has had enough time to be surprised that Lewis was born, so now he is no longer surprised. However, he still loves Lewis just as much as Mr. Bennett loves Harper. In the end, though, Mr. Bradford said something that completely describes what having a child is like, equating Lewis’ birth to “going your whole life being only able to see in black and white, and now you can see in color.”