Freshman year reflection


Freshmen volunteer at Sandy Springs Recycling Center for Tik Day. (Staff/The Weber School)

Brandon Sherman, Sports Editor

Summer is just beyond the horizon, so I decided to look back on my Freshman year at Weber.

Looking back, I came into Weber as a shy kid. Although I knew some of my peers before school, there were also many strangers in my classes. It took a little while, but I became more outgoing and slowly came out of my shell. Since then, I’ve made many friends and, of course, become a lot less shy. I had a great year at Weber, and hope to have three more good ones.

My expectation coming into was Weber was that I was going to have hours and hours of homework every night. I had been told by everyone that Weber was a really hard school. My expectations were extremely wrong. Because of the block schedule, I would have varying amounts of homework. One night I would have no homework, and the next night I would have tons of it. Also the freedom you get in high school was much different than in middle school. I didn’t expect to eat lunch wherever I wanted to, or be able to take laps during the breaks (much less even have breaks.) Freshman year wasn’t exactly what I thought it was going to be, but a lot of what I didn’t know turned out to be good.

My schedule this year was very odd. The classes I had on my A days were classes that did not generally give homework, while the classes I had on my B days tended to give homework on a class to class basis. This resulted in me having some free nights with no homework, but then some days where I had large load of work to complete. If there was one class I had to highlight for being extremely hard, it is definitely Dr. Kini’s biology class. Although I ended up scoring well on most of her tests, no matter how much I studied I never felt ready. Some of the units consisted of over 40 pages of notes that we had taken. My “I’m actually in high school” moment occurred during one of her test. I had thought I was ready for the test, but I was wrong. Dr. Kini’s biology class prepared me for the hard classes I will have in the future.

There two things I looked forward to at the beginning of the school year: the Freshman camping trip and Shabbaton. Both didn’t go according to plan. The Freshman camping trip was ended early. It was pouring down rain, and nearly all of the boy’s tents leaked water. To make amends for the camping trip, our grade was taken to a park the next day. It was fun hanging out with our friends, but it just wasn’t the same as camping. Next was Shabbaton. Due to forest fires, Shabbaton was postponed. It was an incredibly fun trip and bonding experience for our grade. The grade trips were fun, but hopefully next year they will have less problems.

Freshmen Student Council candidates before giving their speeches. (Staff/The Weber School)

After my first year of high school, I have some expectations for the next three years. As I go through my years in high school, the work should get harder. I also expect to make many new friends and become closer with my grade throughout high school. My first year of high school was great, and I look forward for three more.