IBM Delivers Personalized Fan Experience to Mercedes-Benz Stadium (PRNewsfoto/IBM) (IBM)
IBM Delivers Personalized Fan Experience to Mercedes-Benz Stadium (PRNewsfoto/IBM)


New Mercedes-Benz Stadium wows fans

September 27, 2017

On August 26, 2017, Arthur Blank’s new Mercedes-Benz Stadium was unveiled, making a clear leap forward for the potential future of stadiums. According to Business Insider, the stadium is like “nothing else ever seen in the NFL” and unlike anything the Atlanta Falcon’s have ever had. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium has a built in origami metal structure outside. It was very expensive to build this. It cost about $1.5 billion not including the retractable roof which goes to show how much money was spent to make this happen.

The Georgia Dome– the previous stadium. (Flickr/ Valerie)

Many millennials and longtime residents prefer the old stadium because of all the great memories they have had from it. However, team members of the Atlanta Falcons wanted a stadium that would allow them to play outdoors which is why the retractable roof has been put into the Mercedes-Benz Stadium to allow the games to either be inside or outside as well as have indoor concerts in case it rains.  

The Mercedes-Benz Stadium is technologically advanced, having a retractable roof. In the concourse, fans no longer have to look at the TV to see what is happening because the concourse overlooks the field whereas in the old stadium, there wasn’t a view like that, but there were many TV’s set up around the building on every floor. The stadium isn’t just for active games, it will be for concerts, college basketball games, and more– including Atlanta United soccer games.

Crowds will be going crazy for many years and other football teams may consider building new high tech stadiums. While new stadiums are expensive, they offer many advantages for football teams.

If you’re interested in experiencing the new stadium, be sure to check out any upcoming events.

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