A day in the life of a freshman


Daniel Stern

Every day, 269 students pass through The Weber School doors expecting to see friends and learn. Each student has a unique experience from classes to lunch to extracurriculars. Weber operates on an a block schedule with A days and B days. Each day, the student completes four of their eight total classes. Here at The RamPage, we decided to take an in depth look at a day in the life of one freshman: Micah Bronfman.

1. Morning X-block

Morning x-block is a time students can spend with friends and meet with teachers. Here, Micah is seen hanging out with his friend, Jolie Abadi, in the hallway before class starts. (Daniel Stern/The RamPage)

2. Block 5

At The Weber School, math teachers often write notes on the “SMART Boards” and then give the students practice problems. At this point in geometry class, Micah is solving a practice problem assigned by the teacher. (Daniel Stern/The RamPage)

3. Block 6

In Dr. Kini’s biology class, the students watch the teacher take notes on the “SMART Board,” then copy the notes down onto their computers. Here, Micah is in biology class taking notes on his computer. (Daniel Stern/The RamPage)

4. Lunch

During lunch, students can eat anywhere on the first floor and outside. Micah chooses to eat in the cafeteria with his friends during his lunch break. (Daniel Stern/The RamPage)

5. Block 7

Micah listens intently as Ms. Bowers helps students learn the Spanish language. Students at Weber are required to take a minimum of three years of a foreign language. (Daniel Stern/The RamPage)

6. Afternoon X-block

Micah hanging out with friends in the Etz after school, before he attends his wrestling practice. Students often hang out in the Etz before going home or before they go to practice for an extracurricular. (Daniel Stern/The RamPage)

7. Extracurricular

At Weber, students are required to have a physical education credit by the time they graduate. Micah chose to participate in wrestling this year. Here he is warming up for wrestling practice. (Daniel Stern/The RamPage)