Weber’s driven cross country and volleyball teams


Over the years Weber’s volleyball team has achieved many accomplishments. (The RamPage/Jacob Saltzman)

Jacob Saltzman

Every year, during Weber’s fall season, volleyball and cross country step up to the plate. Volleyball and cross country started on August 20, 2017, although, cross country conditioning started in the beginning of Summer. The volleyball team played their last game this season against King’s Ridge on September 28. Cross country has not ended yet. The teams regional competition is set for October 26. 

Both teams exhibit great sportsmanship. Ian Quegan, a member of the cross country team said that “we’ve come together as a team and gave our maximum effort.” Ian also said “We’re working on improvements. We are definitely striving to do better.” He continued that “A lot of us set new PR’s [new records] in Douglasville.”

The annual Cross Country Shabbaton. (Michelle Geppert/The Weber School)

Sarah Trousdale, the head coach of the Varsity Volleyball team said that the volleyball team had had two wins so far this year. She also said “Our usual rivals are Paideia and Atlanta International School.” “If you stick with the sport, and really heed to the coaches’ instructions, maintain focus and discipline, then you could become really good at Volleyball. Agility, athleticism, coach-ability, coordination, and skill play a factor in becoming really good at volleyball as well” Trousdale said.

Jaida Allen, the coach of the junior varsity volleyball team said “we won a total of eight matches of the year and our biggest rivalry was Pinecrest. Both matches against Pinecrest were always super competitive and the score reflected that.” Allen continued that “Volleyball is like any other sport, you must work at your craft to become better but there are a small portion of athletes who touch a volleyball for the first time and have IT… overall anyone can play volleyball and the more you play, practice and train the better you will become!”

Although it takes very hard work to become a successful team, it is still enjoyable for the players. Allen said “I believe the girls did enjoy themselves this season. One of my main objectives as a coach is for my players to develop a genuine friendship on and off the court and I definitely believe I saw that.” 

The school community also enjoys seeing all of the student athletes’ hard work. David Moore, the school’s head coach had sent an email out for  parents, teachers, students, and school faculty members to come and get free pizza for a cross country meet at St. Francis. In this same email, it was promoted that free hot dogs would be offered at a volleyball home game. Both sports teams have many fans at Weber watching them from above. The teams are spirit driven, headstrong, and respect each other as fellow teammates. If you missed your chance to see them this year, be sure to watch them next season. 

UPDATED 11/22/17 for capitalization, clarity, conciseness and style.