The school photo at the 2016-2017 Shabbaton, which occurred in March due to wildfires in North Georgia last November. (Weber Infinity/Micah Cohn)

The inside scoop on SHABBA…wait for it…TON

November 14, 2017

Anticipated by the student body, teachers, and administration throughout the year, Shabbaton is a hallmark of Weber traditions and memories. A Friday to Sunday “field trip” in which Weber takes the whole school to Camp Ramah Darom, a Jewish summer camp located in Clayton, Georgia, Shabbaton this year takes place from Friday, November 17, to Sunday, November 19.

As per Weber tradition, the week before Shabbaton is “Spirit Week.” Each day of the week students are encouraged to dress up as the pre-specified theme of the day.

This year’s Spirit Week includes:

  • Decades Day (Monday): students can dress up as people from a different decade.
  • Twinning Day (Tuesday): students may choose to “twin” or where a matching outfit with their friend.
  • Color War Colors Day (Wednesday): students can wear the color of their assigned color war team.
  • Galaxy Day (Thursday): students should wear galaxy themed attire.
  • Grade Shirt Day (Friday): each grade will where their grade shirt, designed by their Student Council representatives, and the school will head on their way to Camp Ramah Darom!


After arriving on Friday afternoon, the students and faculty have lunch, play the Weber-famous game of “link,” and finally settle into their bunks.

Link is a game that works to connect all of the students at Weber. The first person will get up and state a fact about themself, and then anyone who relates can run up. However, only one person will “link” arms with the person prior, creating competition and prompting  students to run up quickly. Eventually, the whole school forms a large circle with their arms linked to one another.

Following freetime, which occurs after “link,” students and faculty will get dressed for Shabbat services and dinner.

After breakfast on Saturday morning, students will participate in an activity that they specified in their Shabbaton RSVP form. This year, the options include traditional tefillah, yoga, team building, trivia bowl, a political discussion, a sustainability project, a morning hike, a crafting station, or a literature discussion of the parsha.

Unlike last year, where Weber chose to bring in many outside speakers and educators, this year the student body will be leading the activities.

Another addition to Shabbaton this year is the renewal of Shabba-families which consist of a teacher as the “parent,” and a few students from each grade as the “children.” Juniors and seniors will be in the same family they were in freshman and sophomore year.

After lunch and freetime, Weber will be debuting a new Shabbaton tradition: color war. This all-school activity will consist of eight different teams, each with a different color and consisting of two or three families. Color war events will include capture the flag, basketball, tug of war, and relay races, among others.

On Saturday night, the whole Weber community will join together for an outside Havdalah service, followed by dinner. After dinner, two activities will occur—“The Word” and “The Weekend Update.”

Functioning as a talent show for students and faculty, “The Word” will be hosted by seniors Harry Goldfein and Lior Granath. Afterwards, “The Weekend Update,” styled after “Saturday Night Live,” will consist of videos and skits made and performed by the seniors. Finally, the whole Weber community will conclude the evening by going back outside for a bonfire and s’mores.

On Sunday, the students and faculty have breakfast, clean the camp, and head home. Many students become sad when Shabbaton comes to end.“When Shabbaton ended last year, I had already began anticipating my Junior year Shabbaton,” said Carly Wohlberg. But of course, the famous Weber tradition of Shabbaton will come again next year. 

Freshman grade shirt. (The Weber School/Michelle Geppert)
Sophomore grade shirt. (The Weber School/Michelle Geppert)
Junior grade sweatshirt. (The Weber School/Michelle Geppert)
Senior grade sweatshirt. (The Weber School/Michelle Geppert)
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