New Book Features Weber Faculty Member


“Reconstructing the Old Country” features a chapter written by Dr. Rothstein. (The RamPage/Sloane Warner)

Sloane Warner

Weber alumna and faculty member Dr. Rachel Rothstein was published on November 20, 2017, after attending the Absorbing Encounters: Constructing American Jewry in the Post Holocaust Decades Conference in March of 2014 at the University of Maryland. The RamPage recently sat down with Dr. Rothstein to discuss the book.

“Reconstructing the Old Country” has chapters written by a number of authors who attended the conference. The sections of the book correspond with papers presented at the conference and include refugees, Jewish literature and mobilizing for the future with politics. The conference, which mainly focused on the Jewish American Experience, was part of a recent attempt of scholars to say that the European experience shaped the American Jewish experience.

Dr. Rothstein presented a paper she wrote about the Jewish experience in Poland and America after an anti-zionist campaign in Poland. This part of the Polish Jews’ experience is not generally written about in English historical literature, even though it was a major turning point in the Polish Jews’ history. Many other attendees at the Conference focused on events immediately following the Holocaust, while Dr. Rothstein focused on events decades later. She says that this is her attempt to “bring the Polish Jews back into the larger story” after they got lost in history.

“Reconstructing the Old Country” is available for purchase on the Wayne State University Press site and Amazon for $34.99. Rabbi Harwitz has also graciously bought copies for the Weber library which will soon be available to checkout. Congratulations to Dr. Rothstein!