Sandy Saltzman
Sandy Saltzman

Frosty Atlanta: Weather patterns cause problems for metro areas

January 26, 2018

This year, Atlanta, Georgia received more snow than expected, as well as a tropical storm warning. All public metro Atlanta schools canceled multiple days this year-Cobb County, Fulton County and Dekalb County. The Weber School canceled classes as well. 

When the Weber School heard of these warnings, Executive Assistant, Laura Klingensmith sent an email out telling all students and teachers to stay home. One Weber student, Elye Robinovitz exclaimed, “The snow days have been super fun! I got to have extra time to study for my tests! I was stuck in traffic for about four hours just trying to drive my usual fifteen minutes. That was fine for me because the last time this happened, I couldn’t even get home, I had to sleep at Kroger!” He also talked about the effects of Hurricane Irma, stating, “When we had the tropical storm warning, I was confused. We get these things in Georgia?” Elye was happy to say, “Overall, I got to miss school and nothing happened so I’m happy.”

Jack Tresh, another student at Weber, said “I have been a lucky individual and never got caught in traffic due to inclement weather. You have got to be prepared.” Jack also stated that, “Overall, the snow days have positively affected my life. It’s good to have days off and enjoy the winter wonderland, it creates outdoors.”

Weber student Zachary Vidican was also delighted about the snow days. “I enjoy cold weather. I was not caught in traffic for any of the snow days. ”He also claimed “All of the snow days this year affected me in a good way.”

Mr. Michael Bennett, a teacher at Weber as well as the ninth and tenth grade level dean, had some interesting things to say. “I got super bored getting stuck inside. We have thin skin in the south and an inch in Atlanta is like a foot in Iowa.” He exclaimed “I love throwing snowballs at suspecting children. They throw them at me first.” Mr. Bennett was proud to say that “I love cold weather. I hate being hot.” Mr. Bennett also responded about the tropical storm warning. He said, “I was surprised but assumed nothing would actually happen.”

The weather did not just affect students and teachers from Weber. Hard working pharmacist, Ally Saltzman explained that “Snow days have been bad for me this year and really disrupt my business. I’m a pharmacist and my orders that get delivered daily are delayed on snow days which causes people to potentially go without their medications. Snow days also cause my work to pile up for the next day when everyone is able to drive again.” When Ally does not have to go to work when it snows she says “I like the pretty scenery and it’s fun to watch my dog play in. Unfortunately, I still have to work on snow days.” Luckily, she explained, “I get off so late that all the traffic had cleared before the snow came. And when I had to go to work during the snow day there were no cars on the road at all.” Ally specifically states, “I hate the cold!” Ally said that, “It’s sad that the entire city shuts down for very little snow compared to what the north gets. Then again, the south isn’t as prepared to deal with snow and doesn’t have the proper resources.”

The weather in Atlanta this year has been very unpredictable. The tropical storm warning was very unexpected, especially that it happened to be the first tropical storm warning here. Fortunately, the snow has melted and there was no tropical storm in Atlanta, Georgia.


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