Weber’s Winter Adventures

January 30, 2018

This year, Weber’s Winter Break was longer than last year’s. Depending on students’ exam schedules, their break could have ranged from 17 to 22 days. With so much time, many of Weber’s students embarked on journeys of a lifetime. Here at The RamPage, we took it upon ourselves to delve into the lives of a few Weber students along with a teacher.

Sam Bronfman (11th)

What did you do over winter break?

“Over Winter break, I made sandwiches for homeless people. I also went skiing in Park City,

We understand you did some community service. Can you tell us what you did and what inspired you to do so?

“I was inspired by the cold. I knew the cold made me hungry, but I knew I could go get food anytime I wanted, however those less fortunate than me cannot. I felt I had to do something, so I decided to take time to make sandwiches and prepare snacks for them so next time they were hungry, they had something to eat.”

Sam Bronfman and Evan Blum laughing on an old ski lift. (Daniel Stern)
Sam Bronfman and Evan Blum overlooking Utah Mountains. (Daniel Stern)

Jack Tresh (11th)

We understand that you travelled over winter break on a service trip. Can you tell us where you travelled and about the program you were on?

“I travelled to Costa Rica with Rein teen tours, an American teen tour and service company. The counselors from the agency were very genteel and promoted good attitude and good service.”

What did you do that was service oriented?

“I assisted endangered animals at a wildlife facility. I worked hard in building and cleaning cages, feeding animals, and creating toys, to create the best ideal experience for the refugee animals in the facility.”

The sunset at the beach in Guanacaste where Jack spent his service trip. (Ariel Arbiv)

Adam Cohen (11th)

What did you do over winter break?

“I went to Hawaii over winter break and it was so much fun! I tanned in the sun, and chilled out with my family.”

Adam scuba diving in Hawaii. (Adam Cohen)
Adam and his family in front of a helicopter in Hawaii. (Adam Cohen)

Hallie Kwatnez (9th)

We understand you traveled to the Bahamas. Have you ever been to the Bahamas or was this your first time?

“I have been to the Bahamas before. I think I have been to the Bahamas three times now.”

Where did you stay and what activities did you participate in during your vacation?

“I stayed at the Atlantis and I participated in snorkeling and went to the beach.”

How did the trip help you grow as a person?

“The trip made me more appreciative because in the Bahamas there are people that are very poor. Those people don’t get to experience the opportunities that I get to experience in my everyday life. It made me realize how lucky I am to have amazing friends and family, a welcoming school, and a roof over my head.”

The beach in the Bahamas where Hallie spent time relaxing. (Hallie Kwatnez)

Mrs. Geppert (Teacher, Historical Methods and Human Geography)

Where did you travel to over winter break?

“We travel to STL [St. Louis, Missouri]  every year over the holidays to visit my husband’s family.”

Do you have family in St. Louis?

“Yes, my in laws and husband’s grandmother, aunts, and uncles. Jason’s sister and her family meet us in St. Louis too. My girls get to play with their cousins.”

What activities did you participate in in St. Louis?

“We are there to celebrate Christmas with my husband’s family. My girls get to experience the magic of Santa. He never disappoints.

There are so many fun things to do in St. Louis. This year we went to the St. Louis University’s Art Gallery to view the art show sponsored by our family. We drove through Tillies Park to see their lights display. You can’t not visit The City Museum when in St. Louis. It’s a huge old factory turned into an interactive art installation. That description doesn’t do it justice.”

Mrs. Geppert’s daughter, Mia, needed to practice for her upcoming competitions so the Geppert family went to the gym for a day. (Michelle Geppert)
In this picture, Mrs. Geppert’s daughters can be found with their cousins. (Last on the right and second from the left) (Michelle Geppert)
In this picture, Mrs. Geppert’s children can be found wearing onesies with their cousins. (Michelle Geppert)

Zoe Starr (12th)

We understand that the senior Israel/Poland trip started late due to power outages within the airport. Can you explain to us what happened and how the students reacted?

“We started the trip by getting to the airport four hours before our flight. While checking in our bags, the lights flickered and everyone looked up. About a minute later the lights turned off and we were confused but then relieved when the lights turned back on. About two minutes later the power went out. We then sat there for 5 hours waiting for any information on what would happen. Eventually, we were told to go home, and our flights were rescheduled for a few days later.”

Can you explain how the trip works: where you travel, why you travel there, and the order of the places in which you travel?

“At the beginning of the trip, we stayed in various hotels traveling up and down Israel visiting many cities. We walked through water tunnels in the pitch dark singing songs, went to the kotel on shabbat, climbed Masada, floated in the dead sea, visited tzfat, and explored various markets. We then traveled to the HSI [High School in Israel] campus where we settled in before leaving for Poland. Once in Poland we spent time in Warsaw, Krakow, and Lodz. Here we met with righteous gentiles, visited concentration camps, and walked through many museums containing archives. In both Israel and Poland we spent many hours on the bus, however, it gave us time to bond as a grade.”

What was your favorite event in Israel?

“My favorite event was definitely climbing Masada. Even though we had to wake up at 1 am and walk up more than 700 steps it was beautiful to see the sunrise at the top. Everyone was very excited when the first thing we saw when we got to the top was an ibex. I absolutely loved when we went to the edge of Masada, and word by word screamed out a Jewish prayer. It was surreal to hear the words echo through the mountains.”

What was your favorite event in Poland?

“My favorite event in Poland was getting to walk around Warsaw at night. It was very fun to walk around the city square and see people ice skating and taking pictures next to the giant christmas tree. It was very amusing to watch all of us attempt to order food in Polish.”

Why did you come home early?

“I had a cheer competition in Tennessee that I had to be back for. I compete for the Stingray Allstars on the Black Diamond team.”

This picture was taken when the Weber seniors stopped randomly in the desert. Here, the grade took the time to have a reflection of themselves on the side of the mountain. (Zoe Starr)
The streets of Tel Aviv when the students had free time to explore the city. (Zoe Starr)

Brooke Goldberg (11th)

What did you do during winter break?

“I stayed home and hung out with friends in town. Also, I did a lot of studying for the ACT.”

Did you enjoy staying home, or did you find yourself becoming bored? If so, what do you think are the reasons?

“Sometimes I liked it but I definitely was bored sometimes because a lot of my friends went out of town so I had no one to hang with.”

What did a typical winter break day look like to you?

“Wake up, meet a friend for lunch, and hangout with them. Then, hangout with a group of friends later in the night.”

Did the break go by slow or fast? If fast, why do you think so? If so, why do you think so?

“Both – when a lot of my friends were out of town I felt very bored and the days went by slowly; however, when they came back and I got to hangout with them, school creeped up on us very fast.”

Brooke Goldberg studied for the ACT over Winter Break. This answer sheet is an example of what she used to study for the ACT. (Timlewisnm/Flickr)

While some students were looking forward to returning to school, others have already began anticipating Spring/Passover Break.

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