Weber College Counseling Office gains two new members


Weber’s College Counseling Office helps students apply to and prepare for college. (Daniel Stern/The RamPage)

Sloane Warner

Weber has brought two new employees to the College Counseling Office as the juniors venture into the world of college applications. Shelly Milstein and Amy Secor both joined Weber’s faculty this second semester and are working to meet with upperclassmen, specifically juniors,  before the end of the school year.

Ms. Milstein joins Weber as an experienced college counselor who specializes in resume building, essay writing and interview techniques. Before moving to Atlanta, she worked as a litigation lawyer in New Jersey. Ms. Milstein says that her job is to “support Weber students through the application process” and to do everything she can to remove stress from the essay writing, resume building and interviewing processes. Julie Crow, who joined the Weber team at the beginning of the school year as the Director of Public Relations and Marketing, helped bring Ms. Milstein to Weber. Ms. Crow was aware of Ms. Milstein’s past work and of the need for college support at Weber, and she thought that Ms. Milstein would be a “good match” for Weber. After completing an interview with Rabbi Harwitz and Mrs. Van Dyke, Ms. Milstein is now “happy to be here [Weber].”

Amy Secor joins Weber from Pace Academy, where she still spends some of her time counseling seniors. Mrs. Secor graduated from Notre Dame and went to work at Northwestern’s medical school, where she worked with animals, specifically monkeys. She moved to Atlanta after two years to do research at Emory University and then worked as an eighth grade science teacher at Pace Academy.

Mrs. Secor’s goal for the rest of this semester is to learn as much as she can about Weber and its students; she says that she wants to know the “nitty gritty” of Weber. She says that her job is two-fold: she helps students in self-discovery and in finding the right school for their upcoming formative years. So far, her favorite part of her role at Weber has been meeting with students, especially juniors, who are all at different places in their college search. Mrs. Secor says that this is the most “exciting part of the process” and that she is “really excited to be here all the time” starting next year.

Amy Secor and Shelly Milstein, Weber’s new College Counseling Office members. (Amy Secor/The Weber School, Lauren MilsteinGeroge Walton Comprehensive High School)

Mrs. Secor’s advice to students: academically, try to do the “best you can” in the most rigorous courses. Try things your freshman and sophomore years in order to find your passions, and take classes that you want to take senior year. Colleges are looking for “authenticity,” not just the numbers, which is a point that Ms. Milstein agreed upon.