Weber junior Eli Weiner commits to play baseball at Tulane

February 9, 2018

They were up by one run, and the coach yelled, “Eli, get on the field and finish them off.” Eli Weiner, a pitcher, went on the field and struck out three players, helping to secure the win for his team, 643 DP Academy. This game was the quarter finals of the National Championship in 2016. After his amazing feat, Eli humbly returned to the dugout. This rundown of events is not unusual for Eli: almost on a regular basis he finds himself attaining a win for his team.


Eli Weiner can be seen pitching for the Weber School Varsity Baseball team. (Eli Weiner/The Weber School)

This year, Weber Junior Eli Weiner has committed to play baseball at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Eli follows in the footsteps of numerous athletes who played at Tulane and were also drafted into Major League Baseball (MLB). When asked how he felt about his commitment, Eli said, “you know, it’s always been a dream of mine to play college baseball. It’s just really cool knowing that so many schools have recognized my talent and want to offer me a scholarship to come do what I love. But when Tulane offered, there was no question in my mind that I wanted to be there. It’s a perfect fit.” Eli says that Tulane is a good fit for him due to the combination of great academics, an incredible coaching staff and baseball team and the overall city and campus.


Eli Weiner is seen playing baseball in one of his first seasons playing the game. (Eli Weiner/The Weber School)

Eli began playing baseball at the age of six. Eli started off in a little league called Sandy Plains, then transferred to the East Cobb Braves and finally joined the team he is now a part of, the 643 DP Academy. The 643 Team Eli plays for is nationally ranked at number seven, but has beaten other teams ranked higher than it, including the number one team in the country. While the exposure on his travel team is great, Eli did not solely rely on his leagues to get noticed. He regularly attended showcases and college camps in order to get noticed by colleges.


Colleges quickly recognized Eli’s talent, and colleges such as Dartmouth, Columbia and William & Mary all showed interest in him. Every college wanted a piece of his 89 mph fastball. When asked about the recruiting process, Eli added that “it was very stressful at times. You always have to be on your feet and ready for anything. Sometimes I would be trying to do homework and I would get a random call from a coach. The first college to give me a call was Cornell this past summer though, so since then I have gotten pretty used to it.”


Eli credits hard work and making baseball a priority for his success. When asked if it was hard to focus on baseball, Eli said, “Missing out on social events was difficult. Initially, I found myself feeling as though I was missing out, but once I started to get interest from colleges I realized that it was all going to be worth it in the end.” Eli usually lifts weights three to four days a week and then throws pitches three days a week to stay in shape during the off season. He noted that “it is pretty hard to balance school work and baseball everyday. When it’s not high school season, I go straight from school to the place that I work out at and usually don’t get home till around seven. That doesn’t sound that bad, but once I have eaten, showered and more, it may be nine till I even start thinking about homework.”

After careful consideration, Eli verbally committed to Tulane University on January 28, 2018. Eli admits, “When it came down to it, there really was no choice. Tulane was the college for me and I knew it the whole time.”





At a braves game, Eli pitched the fastest pitch (92 mph), and he got his name put up on the screen. However, his fastest legal pitch is 89 mph. (Eli Weiner/The Weber School)

If you would like to check out more videos of Eli pitching, click on the link below or go to the Weber baseball games this spring to watch Eli lead Weber to the State Championship!



A link to The Weber School’s Baseball schedule can be found below

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