Weber’s mock trial team prevails yet again


Weber places 3rd in their region district. (Allison Schneider)

Jacob Saltzman

The Weber School is full of many amazing sports, classes, activities and clubs. Particularly, mock trial has been a perfect example of what Weber has to offer. Mock trial is a club that explores how to be a lawyer, as well as how court trials work in real life. For example, one team member may perform the role of the defendant put on trial for a DUI. Another person is picked from the team to perform the role of the defense attorney lawyer. There is also a prosecutor attorney and many others are cast as witnesses. This fun extra curricular activity is intriguing to many people across the United States.  

Weber team member Elye Robinovitz had this to say about the club: “Mock trial definitely prepares you for being a lawyer, especially if you play one on the team. You master all of the different types of objections, how to speak like a lawyer, think like one, and really you are pretty much as real as you can get to being a lawyer. Mock trial is definitely awesome and more people should join next year!” For those interested in joining, Elye explained “Mock Trial is pretty much a made-up court case. There are attorneys on both the prosecution and defense, and there are also witnesses. There are certain witness roles that must be filled (which members are given).” The team competes against many different talented schools. Elye said, “The Mock Trial team this year is special. We came together and really pulled off a crazy upset against the number 1 team, Grady.”

Weber’s mock trial team successfully placed third in their region and have now advanced to the district competition. Weber Students Rosa Brown and Ira Livnat won an award for best attorney. Sammy Weiss-Cowie won two best witness awards. If Weber wins on February 15 in the district competition, which is at Jonesboro, they will advance to the district finals on Sunday, February 18.

Mock trial is a great learning experience. For anyone interested more, the current coaches of the mock trial team are Mr. White along with Mr. Barich. Mock trial is a fun experience because of how intense and competitive it is. Be sure to congratulate the team members on all of their success.