Jacob Botnick made a High School Musical-themed poster for freshman Gaby Lefkovits. (Ariel Arbiv/The Weber School)

Jacob Botnick made a High School Musical-themed poster for freshman Gaby Lefkovits. (Ariel Arbiv/The Weber School)

Carly Wohlberg

This year’s Weber Formal was held on Sunday, March 25 at the Roswell Historic Cottage. The theme was The French Revolution. Posters around the school advertised the dance with the quote “Let Us Eat Cake.”

Every year, promposals become more elaborate. What began as a simple question (“Will you go to prom with me?”) has turned into buying gifts,  decorating bedrooms, and making “punny” posters. Last year, a boy from Findlay, Ohio went as far as to run 5.5 miles in a route that spelled out “Prom?”

As formal season rolled around, Weber students prepared their “formposals.” They made posters with inside jokes or puns, typically relating to whoever was being asked to the dance.

Some hinted at their dates’ names, like in the photos below:

Junior Daniel Stern “formposed” to Senior Zoe Starr by using her middle name (Rose) and buying her roses. (Gabrielle Starr/Centers for Disease Control)
Jack Kaye also alluded to his date’s name, by giving Mallory Tessler a bear that asks her to the dance and says her name. (Madison Tessler/The Weber School)

Some people used food as a component of their formposals.

Jason Marcus’ “I like you a latte” had Brooke Goldberg saying yes. (Sy Alifeld/The Weber School)
Ryan Diamond also had the idea to make a food pun. He gave freshman Emma Estroff a basket of candy with a note saying “Formal would be SWEET with you!” (Anna Wohlberg/The Weber School)
Micah Abramson bought Madison Tessler a whole dozen donuts for this formposal. (Mallory Tessler/The Weber School)

Hobbies are a common poster topic.

Ariel Arbiv received a pole vaulting joke in this poster from Sy Alifeld. (Tristan Hulsebos/The Weber School)
Sam Bronfman put newspapers in this poster when he formposed to Sloane Warner, editor-in-chief of The RamPage. (Ruthie Stolovitz/The Weber School)
Evan Blum filled his poster with tennis jokes when he asked Paulina Lebowitz to formal. (Sara Altmann/The Weber School)
Matthew Aronin asked Bobbi Sloan with this colorful sign using lyrics from the band Paramore’s songs. (Anna Rose Barrack/The Weber School)

Some found other jokes to use to ask their dates this year.

Spencer Schiff wrote on Grace Rothberg’s Four-Runner and waited for her in the parking lot. (Grace Rothberg/The Weber School)
Adam Spielberger and Omer Friedman are going to the University of Georgia together next year, so Adam used it as a theme for his formposal. (Hannah Saban/The Weber School)

The dance was a success. Roswell Historic Cottage was decorated with lights and chandeliers, and Weber students had a good time dancing with their friends.