Siegman earns Distinguished Delegate Award at Model United Nations Conference


Zeke Siegman holding up his award in front of a world map (Matthew Sidewater / The RamPage).

Matthew Sidewater

From February 9 to February 11, the Weber School’s Model United Nations (MUN) team competed at UGAMUNC (University of Georgia MUN Conference). Weber’s team included freshmen Alison Lazarus, Logan Spector, Harris Jacobs and Ben Ragals; sophomore Austin Margol; juniors Matt Winston and Zack Miller; and seniors Aaron Gordon, Noah Trugman, Rem Hellmann, Sam Fialkow, Adam Spielberger and Zeke Siegman. Siegman stated, “I would guess there were about 500 students from across the state at the conference, from Weber we sent 16 delegates representing the countries of Iran and Israel.”

In Model United Nations, students are assigned countries and committees and represent these countries in their various committees. Committees range from General Assembly committees, to the African Union, to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Each committee talks about different topics relating to what the committee actually does in the United Nations. For example, human rights committees may talk about human rights violations, and a committee on national security may discuss how to deal with illegal arms trading.

During their committees, these students will attempt to pass resolutions about their assigned topics in the name of making the their assigned country, and sometimes the world, a better place. Each resolution requires a certain amount of sponsors (delegations who wrote the draft resolution) and signatories (delegations who approve of hearing out what the sponsors have to say).

Weber represented the countries of Iran and Israel. Moreover, Siegman earned “the distinguished delegate award for my [his] committee, the organization of Islamic cooperation, where I [he] represented Iran at the conference.” This award came in the form of a plaque. Furthermore, this is Weber’s first award in MUN since Mr. Charlie McQuade took over as the team’s advisor two years ago.

During UGAMUNC, Siegman represented Iran in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation committee, otherwise known as OIC. Occasionally during committees, disasters will occur in various countries. According to Siegman, a crisis occurred “in Yemen between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Most of the challenge laid in the fact that everyone hated my country and I had to work extra hard to find allies and sponsors.”

Siegman was a single delegation, meaning he had no partner from Weber to help him. Managing this situation can be difficult, especially without a partner, but Zeke managed to keep his head clear and react accordingly. Siegman stated, “At first I was on my own in the committee. I had to work really hard to defend myself and discredit the statements and proposed resolution against me. Eventually I was able to find allies and turn the tables.”

By doing this, Siegman managed to make an impact on the judges when his country was put into the spotlight, which is a crucial aspect of earning awards at MUN conferences, thus providing a wonderful example of how to do well in MUN conferences.

Siegman’s award for Distinguished Delegate (Matthew Sidewater / The RamPage).

“I was honestly a little surprised when I received the award,” Siegman said in response to an email from The RamPage. He further explained, “I understood why I got it, for being able to defend myself and the actions of my country against all 18 other people in my committee, and eventually convince them onto my side. However, I thought there were other people who were more involved and effective who probably have received it.”

When asked about his advice for future MUN delegates, Siegman replied “My advice for future MUN members is to just have fun in committees and don’t be afraid to get up and speak. You’ll get way more out of the experience if you go out on a limb and add your own views to the conversation.” Congratulations to Zeke Siegman and the Weber Model United Nations team for their performance at UGAMUNC.