Ukrainian student comes to Weber for a day

The World ORT organization sent Vlad to America. (ORT America)

The World ORT organization sent Vlad to America. (ORT America)

On March 20, Jewish organization Obchestvo Remeslenogo Truda (“Association for the Promotion of Skilled Trades”) (ORT) sponsored sending a Ukrainian student to the United States: Vladyslav “Vlad” Atamanchuk. ORT sent Vlad to America so that he could give speeches to ORT members and donors about the ORT school he attends in Ukraine. Vlad grew up in Kiev, Ukraine but has also studied in London. Even though this was his first time in America, Vlad said that America is a place he could see himself living in when he is older. He came to classes with me (Daniel Stern) for a day. While in Atlanta, Georgia, Vlad slept at my house (March 20-22).

Vladyslav went to Mrs. Leigh Herman’s Journalism classroom during his day spent at The Weber School. (Carla M. Wohlberg/The Weber School)

Can you tell me about yourself and about your hobbies?

“I am 16 years old. I am a student of ORT School Educational Complex #141 “ORT.” I am fond of technology, so I often participate in many technological projects and competitions. And one of my biggest projects was the creation of a 3-D printer. I am a cinema goer, which means every weekend I go to the movies with my friends. Also, I am fond of technology, which means I meet up with my friends and go to the computer club and play video games for hours. I also enjoy traveling; I have been to France, Poland, England, Egypt and now the United States of America.”

What do you think about America?

“I love America. I especially like California because of Silicon Valley. I hope to be a coder there one day. I liked Chicago because of the sky scrapers and modern architecture.”

Why did ORT send you here and where are you visiting?

“ORT sent me to the United States of America to present our achievements at my school, my achievements, my school’s education system and the STEM education system in order for donors to continue to fund ORT. I am in America for one week. First, I went to San Francisco, California for three days. After this, I went to Chicago, Illinois for two days and now I am in Atlanta, Georgia for three days. I gave speeches for ORT in all of these cities.”

What do you plan to do in the future?

“Now I am in 11th grade. After I finish 11th grade, I have to pass my final exams. If I do well, I will attend Kiev Polytechnic Institute. If I attend, I will study there for three years to earn my bachelor’s degree. After this, I would like to go abroad and study for a few years to get a master degree. I would like to work abroad and earn money then start a business. After doing well, I would like to go to Ukraine and help rebuild the country.”

To read Vlad’s speech he gave to ORT members, click here.