Weber students’ travels on Passover Break 2018

Spring flowers (Snow Photo/Flickr)

Spring flowers (Snow Photo/Flickr)

Brooke Orenstein

This year, Weber’s Passover Break (also referred to as Spring Break) starts on Thursday, March 29 and lasts until Sunday, April 8. Students from all over look forward to Spring Break. With this long break, I interviewed various Weber students about their travels.

Alex Roth (Sophomore)

When asked where she is going on Spring Break, Alex exclaimed with much excitement, “I am going to Cancun with Noa Grace Pollinger, her parents and Abbie Barkan. We are going for a week and cannot wait to tan on the beach and take cute pictures!”

The beautiful beach in Cancun, Mexico, where Alex and friends will be spending her break. (Pedro Szekely/Flickr)

Josh Aronstein (Sophomore)

Josh Aronstein is traveling to Savannah for about a week. He is going to visit family and enjoy his time off from school. When asked what his favorite thing to do there is, Josh stated, “I love boating, so I am very excited to boat as much as I can.”

Josh’s dock in Savannah, Georgia. (Brooke Orenstein/The RamPage)

Ryan Gold (Junior)

Ryan Gold is looking forward to his time off for Spring Break. Ryan is traveling to Miramar, Florida for the week. He is going with “16 guy friends,” most of whom are from Weber.” Ryan has never been to Miramar, and is eager for “some downtime to chill with the boys.”

The beautiful beaches of Miramar. (rohanmoitra/Flickr)

Will Stanwick (Sophomore)

Will Stanwick is going to Seagrove, Florida with Leead Silverstone for the week. Will is “excited to stroll the beach with [his] homies at sunset.”

Seagrove beach in Florida (Aprile C/Flickr)

Ashira Rabinowitz (Freshman)

Ashira Rabinowitz is going to Seaside, Florida this Spring Break with Halle Kwatnez, Lihi Barel, Jolie Abadi, Maya Granath, Eden Vainer, Emma Estroff and Lili Stadler, with parents Bonnie Kwatnez and Gabby Starr. Ashira is very excited to go, as she has never been before.

The blue water of Seaside Beach. (Olin Gilbert/Flickr)

Judith Terushkin (Junior)

Judith Terushkin is going on an excursion to the Grand Cayman and Costa Maya, next week. She is going on a cruise with her family and exclaims, “It is going to be a nice break. I cannot wait to relax.”

A boat in the Grand Cayman Islands. (Thomas Hawk/Flickr)

Caroline Goldman (Sophomore)

Caroline Goldman is traveling to many places this Spring Break. She is going on a cruise to Mexico, the Caribbean and Key West. When asked why traveling there, Caroline explained, “My family usually goes to Seaside, but we decided to mix it up this year.” Her family is accompanied by family friends for the week. When asked what she is most excited about, Caroline exclaimed, “I’m excited for a week away and meeting other kids on the cruise.” She added, “I’ve been to Mexico before but the rest is new!”

Caroline many years ago in Mexico (Caroline Goldman/The Weber School)

Daniel Stearns (Senior)

Daniel Stearns is going to Seagrove, Florida this year with “a bunch of guys from Weber” for five days.“ I am going there because the atmosphere is fun and a little less crowded! I am looking forward to sunshine and good food! I have been to Seaside before, but have only driven through Seagrove.”

The beach in the Seagrove, Florida. (mariko/Flickr)

Frankie Grossman (Sophomore)

Frankie Grossman is traveling to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to visit her family. She is going to be there the whole week, as she does every year on this break. Frankie stated that she is most looking forward to “getting tan, seeing [her] family, and just getting a break in general.”

Beautiful view of Ft. Lauderdale (photo-gator/Flickr)

Logan Spector (Freshman)

Logan Spector is driving down to Seaside with other freshmen Josh Nelkin, Sammy Rubin, Micah Bronfman and “some other guys. I have been going to Seaside for Spring break the past couple years, I really enjoy it there. I am very excited to eat at Barefoot Barbecue, it’s so good!”

Picture of the beach in Seaside, Florida (Logan Spector/The Weber School)

Logan Sucan (Freshman)

Logan Sucan is “ecstatic” to be going to Watersound this Spring Break. She is going with her family for the week. Logan shared that “I cannot wait to be in Florida in the hot sun!”

Chairs on the beach in Watersound, Florida (lcoogle/Flickr)