Class of 2019 Preps for Senior Year


This year’s junior class, the class of 2019, is preparing for their senior year. (Courtesy of The Weber School)

Sloane Warner

Many students see junior year as the most stressful year of high school. They have to worry about keeping their grades up, scoring well on standardized tests and keeping up with extracurriculars, all on top of the typical social life of a teenager. Thankfully, this school year is coming to a close, so the class of 2019 took some time to reflect on the past 10 months and to look forward to the year ahead: senior year.

Sophie Harris says that she is “nervous for senior year. Junior year was definitely an experience, but [she is] excited for what senior year will bring.” Being nervous and excited is a common feeling, as Ruthie Stolovitz acknowledged that “first semester is going to be crazy, but second semester should be chill and a nice end to my high school career.”

Senior year is something that students both look forward to and simultaneously dread throughout their academic careers. They are excited for senior privileges, such as senior parking, leaving for lunch and, of course, graduation, but many are nervous about their course load during first semester and the college application process.

Before next year starts, many students are taking a break during the summer to rejuvenate and prepare for their senior year. Ruthie plans to relax this summer, as does Shayna Fraley, who wants to “stock up on anything and everything involving school supplies to satisfy [her] organizational needs.” Though it is important to relax this summer, don’t forget that next year will be just as difficult as this year; it is important to prepare before students are swamped with work. Students may want to take time, like Sophie, to “[work] on [their] college apps beforehand.”

Read more about students’ summer plans here.

Senior year has a reputation that precedes it, which is that it is even more stressful than junior year. Some students feel prepared for this stress, but others still feel a little bit behind. Shayna is “expecting to have a fun, spirited and memorable last year at Weber with [her] friends,” while Ruthie expects to “figure out a little bit more about [her] life after high school.” Sophie is “expecting a challenge and [is] excited to feel rewarded because all of [her] hard work will eventually pay off.”

Because senior year seems so daunting, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of actually being a senior. It is important for students to keep their goals in mind and on a schedule so that they do not fall behind on due dates. Here are some tips for rising seniors:

  • Don’t slack off over the summer. It’s okay to take a break (we deserve it), but practice college essays and start researching when parts of applications are due.
  • Get organized. If that means buying new binders and planners, then take a trip to Office Depot. If that means reorganizing a room, then take the time to thoroughly clean and organize.
  • Get ahead on school work. If a teacher assigned summer homework, then try to finish it sooner rather than later. If it is left to the end of the summer, then it will only contribute to stress levels. Here are summer assignments for next year.