Cross-country’s inspiration


The 2017 Weber cross-country team at a regional meet. (The Weber School)

Jacob Saltzman

Many veteran coaches are leaving this year. One of those veterans is an inspiring cross-country Coach, Kristan Moses. Weber student, and three year cross-country team member, Zachary Vidican stated “Coach Moses has impacted me in many ways. The greatest of which was really making the sport enjoyable.” He also said “It’s a bittersweet feeling. I am sad that he is leaving, yet I am glad that he was able to coach us in years past, because now we all have fond memories to cherish. When I first found out coach Moses was leaving, I wasn’t surprised.” Zachary also exclaimed “I can’t confidently speak for others, but I believe he left a good mark on the team.”

Zachary said “through the years, I have seen many other cross-country coaches at meets who have a certain tense, tyrannous quality about them, so I can’t imagine an enjoyable practice with those coaches. On the other hand, Coach Moses is nice and supportive.” In addition, Zachary then stated “In hindsight, I remember the practices at the crack of dawn by the river, jogging through a woodland trail. The serene ambience was something I attributed completely at the time to the environment, but I believe a good half of it was from the coach, and I took it for granted. I hope the next coach is just like him.”

Another cross-country team member, Brent Rodgers sent an email to Coach Moses stating

“Hey coach,

I heard the news and just wanted to thank you. You’re an amazing coach and an amazing person. Thank you so much for not only what you have done for the program but also for coaching me and shaping me to be the person that I am outside of practices and meets. You not only managed to change me from being a runner out of control, but also changed a scared freshman who had no idea what to do and taught me to be confident and to be the best I can be for the team. I was lucky enough to be named captain by you for two years and I take that with great pride. You came every year with a plan and made everyone not only believe in it, but fall in love with it.

Thank you for your time as my coach. May god bless you and your family.

Thank you again,

Brent Rodgers”

Coach Kristan Moses left a huge impact on The Weber School. He also influenced many students on the cross-country team by using his charisma and encouragement towards the students. It is definitely safe to say that no one will be forgetting about him anytime soon.