Farewell, Coach Moore

May 4, 2018


Coach Moore is the head coach of the Track and Field team. (Andria Lavine/Andria Lavine Photography)

After working at Weber for 10 years, David Moore, the athletic director, is ready to pursue another career path. During Coach Moore’s decade here at Weber, he has accomplished many great tasks for the athletic department and school as a whole.

Moore grew up in Georgia and attended Kennesaw State University. He worked at The Davis Academy prior to working at The Weber School.

For the past few years, Coach Moore has been helping Weber transition from being in the Georgia Independent School Association (GISA) to the Georgia High School Association (GHSA). The 2016-2017 school year was Weber’s first year in the GHSA. Coach Moore ensured that the transition would be smooth and successful.

One of the newest additions that Coach Moore brought to the athletics department is Rambo, Weber’s Ram mascot. Rambo can be found at Weber sporting events and whole school assemblies. The mascot helps boost the enthusiasm and morale of the players and students. 


Coach Moore taking a selfie with Rambo. (Courtesy of The Weber School)

Students have been positively impacted by Coach Moore’s dedication and devotion to the school. Jacob Salzman, a member of the track and field team for three consecutive years, is upset about Coach Moore’s departure, yet also excited to see Moore’s bright future ahead. Salzman said, “I am going to miss Coach Moore. He has helped me improve as a long jumper and runner. He has taught me to be diligent and a good teammate. I hope he enjoys his future endeavors.”

Carly Wohlberg, a junior on the cross country team,  was worried about coming to a new school, but Moore helped her experience a smooth transition. Carly exclaimed, “Coach Moore’s remind texts helped me remember when my cross country practices were, and when each meet was. I hope the new athletic director continues to use the remind text system and that Coach Moore finds a job he enjoys as much as he enjoyed being Weber’s athletic director.”

Similarly, former Weber athlete and current Duke student-athlete, Becky Arbiv, was surprised to hear about Coach Moore’s departure. Arbiv proclaimed that Coach Moore “genuinely cares about his students and works hard to ensure that they have the resources they need to succeed. He is always there to motivate his students. Coach Moore helped me before school in the mornings to learn how to lift weights properly, and taught me the proper powerlifting techniques. He is passionate about what he does, and I hope he enjoys whatever he decides to pursue next in the coming years.”

Coach David Moore of The Weber School. (Courtesy of The Weber School)

On May 15, Coach Moore will be honored at Weber’s Spring Sports Awards Night. Make sure to come to support your athletic director as he starts a new path in his life.

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