Rams varsity tennis season overview


The Weber School’s 2018 Varsity Tennis Players. (Andria Lavine/Andria Lavine Photography)

Carly Wohlberg

The Weber Rams varsity tennis teams have been making quite a racket this season.

Under the leadership of Coach Jarvie Young, Coach Ian Lu and Faculty Sponsor Mr. Ethan Arbiser, the girls’ and boys’ teams both came in third place in the GHSA 1A region. The boys beat Mount Pisgah Christian School in a particularly exciting fashion to win the first round of the state tournament. Going into the last match, Weber and Mount Pisgah had each won two matches. The final match lasted three hours, but Weber sophomore Isaac Goldman pulled out a win. “It was the longest match of my life. I’m just glad I was able to win, so I could go home and take a shower,” he said.

On Tuesday, the boys’ team played in the second round (the furthest they’ve ever made it in the GHSA region) against Stratford Academy in Macon. They put up a good fight, but lost to the reigning state champions.

There are seven players on each team, split into lines called one singles, two singles, three singles, one doubles and two doubles. Weber junior Daniel Stern, who plays two singles, said that “initially, the team’s chemistry was not great, but once some of the boys were switched between lines [they] started winning more matches.” He also noted, “What’s good about our team is that we are well balanced–we don’t just have one superstar, like a lot of the other teams we play.” Some schools, such as Holy Innocents Episcopal School, have one or two players who play at a higher skill level than most high schoolers, and because of this they win their matches easily. Daniel explained that the Weber team has depth, enabling them to pull through and win many matches.

The girls’ team also had a successful season. Junior Sarah Landy, who recently finished her third season with Weber tennis, said, “on the bus before matches everyone has their headphones in listening to music and preparing for the match, but after the match, win or lose, we all talk and laugh together; it’s really nice and it’s made us all closer as a team.”

Although both seasons finished this past week, their progress was evident, and the players are looking forward to next spring when they hope to advance even further in the state tournament.