Weber’s student council


Candidates posed for picture after giving their speeches. (Rebecca McCullough/ The Weber School)

Brooke Orenstein

In the month of April, The Weber School held two separate elections for student council. The first election held was for the executive board.

The results for this year’s student council elections are:


Jack Kaye

Vice President

Sydney Fialkow

VP of Programming

Jack Tresh

VP of Communication

Noa Grace Pollinger

VP of Finance

Adam Cohen

VP of Community Outreach

Sy Alifeld

The second election was separated into grade level elections for the general board, where each grade votes for two grade representatives to participate in the student council.

10th Grade Representatives

Bobbi Sloan

Micah Bronfman

11th Grade Representatives

Chloe Lipton

Frankie Grossman

12th Grade Representatives

JoJo Rinzler

Zachary Reisman

Weber’s student council has been in place since 1997. The association is affiliated with the National Association of Student Council (NASC), which is sponsored by the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP). Student council allows for students to be able to participate and have a say in school issues.

The mission of The Weber School’s student council is “to provide opportunities to enhance student leadership development and contribute to the overall behalf of our school through our representation of the student body.” The purpose of this organization at Weber is:

  • “To encourage the development of leadership skills among all enrolled students.
  • To encourage active, ongoing participation in athletics, academics and school programs.
  • To assist our school to focus on relevant issues that affect them and to seek solutions to the ever-changing challenges that arise throughout the year.
  • To encourage student[s] to seek out opportunities for building civic skills and attitudes such as participation in elections, discussion and debate of issues, and collaborative decision-making.
  • To recognize individuals and related participants for their service and contributions towards the fulfillment of the mission and purposes of The Weber School: Student Council.
  • To provide leadership training for students council members and advisors.”

This past year, The Weber School’s student council received a National Council of Excellence Award. This award “reflects dedication on the part of the school to providing a strong, well-rounded student council program.” In order to win an award such as this one, a student council “must meet a variety of criteria.”

Michelle Geppert, the Student Council Advisor and Student Programming Coordinator at Weber, has been advising Weber’s student council for the past three years. When asked what her main goal was for this organization, she responded, “My main goal was for student council to be affiliated with a national organization.” She has exceeded her goal, as this organization has been affiliated with a national organization for the past three years. Mrs. Geppert “likes getting to work with students and taking their ideas into fruition.” She enjoys “being the facilitator to fulfill the students’ goals.”

The 2017-2018 student council has made many programs and events happen. Most notably:

  • Two successful dances (Fall and Spring dance)
  • Sponsored food drive for Blessings in a Backpack
  • Brought back Purim Puff
  • Two spirit weeks
  • Mental Health Awareness Week

Student council does not stop planning ahead, and they already have “big plans” for the upcoming school year. According to Mrs. Geppert, they are working on a “collaborative workspace on the third floor for students and a “gift” for the school.”