A day in the life of Mr. Chapman


Mr. Chapman is seen here, teaching Computer Science. (Jacob Saltzman/The RamPage)

Jacob Saltzman

Mr. Chris Chapman attended the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) for college, earning a master’s degree in Industrial Design and a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has been teaching at The Weber School for two years now. Mr. Chapman has the titles of Programming & Curriculum Coordinator: Technology, Engineering and Design as well as a Mathematics Teacher. With these responsibilities, Mr. Chapman is very busy this year. He explained, “This year, I am teaching two sections of Algebra II, 3D Modeling, AP Computer Science and I am co-teaching Introduction to App Development. During the second semester, I will be co-teaching 3D Printed Art and Jewelry.”

Mr. Chapman’s morning routine can vary. He stated, “It depends on the day. Anywhere, usually between about 7 or 7:45 is when I get to school. It depends on what I have to do in the morning and also depends on how well I slept the night before honestly.” During morning Mr. Chapman leaves x block open for meetings. “If I don’t have meetings, I think about what I am going to teach for the rest of the day. For example, figuring out tests for mathematics class, computer science or just figuring out what I am going to teach for the rest of the day.”

Mr. Chapman explained that during the afternoon, he “usually eat[s] lunch in Mrs. Pace’s room with the math department and other people who come to join [them]. Sometimes it’s half of the Social Studies Department and whoever stops in.”

Mr. Chapman has been very involved in Robotics Club for the past two years. This week, students have had the chance to fill out application forms for clubs. When Mr. Chapman was asked if he was setting up for Robotics Club, he stated, “Not usually in the morning, it depends on what work I am doing.” When asked about the future plans for the Zalik Academy, Mr. Chapman stated, “I am doing that all the time. It is like a constant drone in my day. I have a few moments where I am trying to figure out what equipment we will have, who needs to be talked to about what and reaching out to a lot of people to figure out what happens next.”

While students usually leave Weber between 2:45 and 3:45, Mr. Chapman stated “I usually don’t leave until 4. Sometimes, I am here until 5. It usually depends on what needs to get done. There have been days where I’ve been here as late as 6 on days where I had a lot to do or on days where I’ve had deadlines. It depends on the day. By the time I get home, I will watch tv, watch some Netflix. Then, just try to go to bed early since I have to get up early.”