Long weekends prove to be fun or stressful?


Weber junior Josh Anderson is studying after the long weekend. (Jacob Saltzman/The RamPage)

Jacob Saltzman

Every year, the Weber School closes on Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot and Simchat Torah for two days. Rosh Hashanah was on September 10 and 11, Sukkot was on September 24 and 25 and Simchat Torah was October 1 and October 2. For some students, it can be stressful because they have to worry about the workload when they come back to school. For others, it can be a very fun experience to hangout with friends, observe the holiday or to just simply sleep in. A few students shared their thoughts on the long weekends.

Weber senior Matt Winston mentioned, “It was quite difficult to manage the same amount of schoolwork during a longer weekend. Nevertheless, I love four day weekends and I think we should have more of them!” Everyone has to adjust in some way when coming back to school or a job after long weekends. For Matt, “it was difficult to get back  into the groove of things. However, knowing that it was a shorter week, it was easier to get through.” Matt still enjoyed the long weekend. He stated, “I enjoyed seeing my friends over the four day weekend and we had a lot of fun.”

Weber Vols leader Elye Robinovitz had a very different weekend. Elye exclaimed “I am very observant of the Jewish holidays, which means that while managing my academic workload, I have to go to shul as well.” Elye still managed to have fun over the weekend as he “went over to [his] Micah Frankel’s house and played basketball.” As most students would probably prefer a four day weekend, Elye prefers a two day weekend because “I get to see my teachers more often.”

Jack Tresh sitting courtside enjoying the Hawks game.
(Jack Tresh/The Weber School)

Student Council Vice President of Programming Jack Tresh stated, “I had a lot of work to do over the weekends but luckily I was able to get through it.” Jack also said, “I went to the first pre-season NBA game of the Atlanta Hawks who played the New Orleans Pelicans.” When coming back to school, Jack had to “get back into the swing of things academically. [he] had to review my notes that [he] took over the weekend for an upcoming test as well.”

Weber senior Zack Vidican exclaimed, “I waited until the last day of the weekend to do my work since I did not have that much.” Zack enjoyed the four day weekend because “[he] had more time to do things that were recreationally rewarding such as spending time with [his] family and friends.” Zack stated, “It was hard to adjust coming back into the school week because there was a very large workload.” As the holidays occur every year, be sure to to prepare for next year.