Music Midtown 2018


Post Malone performing on the Salesforce stage. (Sammy Rubin/The RamPage)

Sammy Rubin

On September 15-16, famous musicians took the stage at Piedmont Park. The headliners included Fall Out Boy, Post Malone, Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons. Thirty-one other performers entertained their audiences throughout the weekend.

Music Midtown has a strong connection with many Atlantans. The first Music Midtown was held in the year 1994. There was a brief moment where Atlanta was missing its spectacular display of music. The festival came to an end in 2005. Some have said it was because of the growing expenses due its location. Then it had a resurgance in 2011 and is here to stay.


As Zach Reisman commented “Music Midtown is more than just the music. It is about coming together to have a weekend of joy.” Attendees, not just people from Atlanta, but others from across the United States travel long and far to see their musical idols.


Alexa Warner, a freshman at The Weber School, was on the Weber grade field trip on Sunday, causing her to miss half of the performances. Even though she wasn’t there for the second day, she still believes that Saturday was “one of the best days [she has] ever had.”

Khalid Performing on the Great Southeast Hall stage (Sammy Rubin/The RamPage)

Some people thought that there were issues with getting around. Sophomore Sydney Fialkow stated “It was incredibly difficult to get from place to place as a result of there being tens of thousands of people.” This was a big problem because of the time frames between performances. Fans need to hustle to and from different stages in order to see their favorite musicians. This was a common theme with most people considering the size of the crowd. Annually, the park gets packed, making the expansive 185 acre territory appear smaller. Only those that were in close proximity to a stage could be on time. 


Every year, when Music Midtown comes to a close, the fans anticipate the lineup for next year. Was this year just like all the others? Did Music Midtown live up to the hype?


Some might say yes, but others such as Sam Bronfman say it was pretty disappointing. Having “the worst lineup out of all [his] years of attending” made it extremely difficult for him to enjoy the weekend. There are many differing opinions about Music Midtown. This showcase of music has lots of fans raving about it. In 2019, there will be a chance to experience other performers.