NBA’s 73rd season is here

Lebron James in a Lakers jersey during the offseason. (Courtesy of the NBA)

Lebron James in a Lakers jersey during the offseason. (Courtesy of the NBA)

Zack Naturman

The 73rd NBA season started on October 16, 2018, and many fans and enthusiasts are ecstatic to watch their favorite team go head to head with their rival. Some major changes in team rosters as well as the NBA Draft will bring a great deal of competition to both the Western and Eastern Conferences.


A massive change for both conferences, is the leaving of Lebron James from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Lebron had decided to move out of Cleveland after the 72nd NBA season, the season after Kyrie Irving, Lebron’s former teammate, left the Cavaliers. According to the NBA’s website, during the offseason, Lebron had been talking about leaving and joining the Western Conference. According to the NBA’s website, on July 9, 2018, James made his move to the Western Conference official, announcing that he was going to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. Lebron’s move to the Lakers is not only about a chance with another team, it is also about making money and being recognized more globally.


The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most recognizable organizations in the NBA. Countries all over the world sell Lakers basketball jerseys. This will present Lebron with a big challenge because the Western Conference is a more competitive conference than the East. Not only did Lebron make a big move, but former San Antonio Spurs all star Kawhi Leonard was traded to the Toronto Raptors, in exchange for Demar Derozan. Tasha Humphrey, head coach of the Weber girls basketball team said, “Lebron is a one of the greatest players, and wants even more spotlight and fame. He also is a great of the great, and proved so by making it to the finals by carrying his team in a less talented conference than the Western Conference. Lebron moving to L.A shows he wants to challenge himself and play harder teams.”


Trae Young in his official Atlanta Hawks player portfolio. (Courtesy of The NBA)


The NBA draft for 2018 was very successful for many teams including the Atlanta Hawks and the Phoenix Suns. According to ESPN, Deandre Ayton was the first pick of the 2018 NBA draft. According to the NBA’s website, The Atlanta Hawks received Trae Young in the first round, with the fifth pick. Trae Young was a college sensation, having played for The University of Oklahoma, The Sooners. Young made his debut in the NBA on Wednesday, October 17, 2018. Young put up some great numbers on the board, scoring 14 points, six rebounds and five assists.