Weber’s Student Ambassador Program


The Student Ambassadors from the 2017-2018 school year worked with Mrs. Arkin to bring new students to the school. (Tiffany Klang/The Weber School)

Sloane Warner

Weber’s Student Ambassador Program has been around for over 10 years, making it one of the longest-running programs at the school. According to Weber’s Academic Program, students who participate “serve as role models both inside and outside of the Weber School, lead tours for prospective students and parents, assist with visit days, serve on panels at admissions events and participate in admissions programs and activities.” Mrs. Rise Arkin, Weber’s Director of Admissions, says that the program enables students to learn leadership skills by touring prospective students. Students take on different roles in the program, such as touring parents or students, organizing tours or following up with students who have already toured.

The Student Ambassador Program is voluntary, though students must submit a formal application. Students are then approved by teachers and can become more involved based on their initiative. Meetings are held in order to ensure that all ambassadors understand the academic program, but much of the program involves student-led work. Mrs. Arkin says that the program has “evolved over time,” going from having “two people running the program” with her to having at least 75 ambassadors this year. She is especially impressed with new student transfers who have already expressed their interest in becoming Student Ambassadors.

Weber hosts 15 to 20 organized group tours throughout the year, but individual visits make up the majority of the program. There are at least 50 individual visits, which are customized to fit the touring student. Mrs. Arkin communicates with prospective students and their parents to learn about their interests before creating a tour schedule that fits those subjects. Ambassadors give tours to the students and take them to sit in on classes. The prospective students are given the opportunity to see firsthand what being a student at Weber is like.

The Student Ambassador Program at Weber is one that greatly impacts the admissions process. According to Mrs. Arkin, prospective students and parents are increasingly citing Weber’s Student Ambassadors as their main source of interest in the school. Some prospective students remember their tour guides when they come to the school, and many will join the ranks of the program because they enjoyed their tour. Mrs. Arkin says that students who are a part of the program have “a great opportunity to hone their leadership skills and to mentor” others. They can work on their public speaking skills, learn about taking initiative and about taking on responsibility. Many students learn to speak as their “authentic self on a different level” by speaking to strangers on a regular basis. Mrs. Arkin says that it is a “true joy to be involved” and to see students work together to improve themselves while working to bring the next generation of students to Weber.

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