Advancing infrastructure in Georgia


Construction in the Atlanta metropolitan area. (Martin Bravenboar/Flickr)

Jacob Saltzman

Over the past few months, Georgia has been under constant construction spanning from Roswell Road to Interstate 285. Last weekend, the westbound lane on I-20 between Six Flags and Fulton County was closed due to new pavement being put in. As traffic in Atlanta is already abundant, this creates even more within city. There was also a fiber optic cable that was installed which closed Georgia’s state Route 400. The road was closed from 7 a.m. on Saturday to 7 p.m. on Sunday. Other metro areas have also been closed due to pending construction work and Roswell Road has been under constant road construction for several weeks.

According to Curbed Atlanta, the district now commonly known as the Gulch was built in 1914 by Coca-Cola cofounder Asa Candler. Now, Candler’s company now named Carter, wants to develop the massive property near the West End Marta station. Carter also bought the Gulch in the June, 2018. Since then, the company have been constantly rebuilding and updating to create retail and residential spaces alike. 

The Cone  writes that every road construction plan from Pine Grove to Roswell Road that is currently in the works can be viewed on their map. If there is a blue mark above the area that is being worked on, it means that it is locally funded and if there is a green mark above the area being worked on, it is state funded. On Pine Grove Road, the area was renovated, removing sewage as well as replacing water pipes. Now, residents in Pine Grove do not need to worry about unsanitary water anymore.

The Cone Zone’s map of construction zones. (Jacob Saltzman/The RamPage)

In other news, The Mix, developed by South City Partners on the corner of Piedmont Avenue and John Wesley Dobbs Avenue, intends to add more stories to Georgia State University’s dorms. This will potentially make Georgia State a bigger college, with 685 beds being added. Vice President of South City Partners, Will Cassaday, stated that, “Some students have already signed leases for next year, and those Panthers are in for a lavish lifestyle. Rudimentary dorms, these are not.” In addition, Georgia State is also getting a new roof built.

Georgia’s image is changing with new infrastructure being built. This is a way for people to blend in and move into new areas that were not in good shape before. Fortunately, Georgia is not behind in terms of architecture right now. Changes can be expected in Georgia in the coming weeks.