Black Ops 4 brings amazing multiplayer and new blackout mode


Black Ops 4’s logo. (Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Ben Ragals and Zack Naturman

Black Ops 4 is the newest installment in the Call of Duty: Black Ops franchise. Call of Duty is a 15-year old franchise, but this release marks some milestones for the series: it’s the 10th anniversary of Zombies being released, and Battle Royale (a 100 player free-for-all), a brand new mode, comes to Black Ops in Blackout.

Multiplayer Mode

The multiplayer mode with specialist Ajax seen above with a shield and opposing players shooting at the character. (Courtesy of Activision.)

Black Ops 4’s multiplayer mode is a creative and ingenious experience. The game takes modes like “team deathmatch” (team vs team) and “control” (control certain areas to gain points) and improves on them. Multiplayer keeps some weapons from previous gameswhile adding new and interesting ones to keep the battles fresh and unique.

Specialists (different characters) return with their own abilities. Firebreak, one of the specialists, has a rod he plants in the ground which radiates an area, dealing damage in a short radius over time. However, if a player charges the rod too much, it will start radiating the character, ultimately eliminating the character. Ruin keeps his grappling hook from Black Ops 3, which can get to hard to reach places or pull a player to a different area quickly. Specialists are all free unlike the previous games, where a player has to unlock a token in order to purchase a specialist. Players can switch specialists and classes/loadouts (the weapons the player can choose to use) mid-match, letting the player mix it up and keep the opposing team on its toes.

The new manual healing system takes time to recharge, forcing a player to be strategic about regenerating health. Healing can leave the player vulnerable to other players during this time. Black Ops 4’s multiplayer mode focuses on team communication and strategy. That good flank or strategic move could win the game for your team. Classes and specialists can be put together to create unstoppable combinations. When strategic enough, skilled players can own the battlefield.

Zombies Mode

A zombie and the zombie warden from Call of Duty’s signature Zombies mode. (Courtesy of Activision.)

Zombies is well-made and extremely entertaining. The classic zombie experience, surviving wave after wave of zombies, is present and the game changes, getting to be more enjoyable with every wave. The story line in this game continues from its predecessor games as do the characters.

In Zombies, players are required to team up and work together to survive for as long as possible, unlocking different features in the game the longer they survive.

There are three maps (areas to play in) to choose from, each with its own story. Voyage of Despair takes the players to the Titanic and reveals what really killed the passengers on that infamous night in the Call of Duty version. IX throws players into a coliseum full of the undead and challenges them in the Roman arena. The main story line continues in Mob of the Dead 3: Blood of the Dead. The main characters get stuck in the zombie-filled and mysterious island of Alcatraz. They must survive, but beware, the warden is watching.

Zombies bring back mystery boxes full of cool weapons like ray guns (a gun that shoots a powerful ray, instantaneously eliminating zombies). There are different power-ups, also known as perks. Every round, a player can purchase a Gobble gum from any gum machine for free. Gobble gum will give any player who purchases one a free perk and are unique because the perks available from Gobble gum are different from the perks that spawn on the map.

Blackout Mode

The new Blackout mode seen here. (Courtesy of Activision.)

Blackout brings the amazing Battle Royale experience to players and makes the player feel as though they are in the game. The graphics are next generation, meaning that they are superb and bring a quality experience. The term “Battle Royale” means to fight to the death. The Battle Royale style resembles The Hunger Games because fighters or players must loot to find food, weapons and other tools, and then fight to the death with a closing zone pushing people into a safe zone. If a player is stuck outside of the safe zone, the player will lose health. Blackout is said to receive updates and bug fixes to make the experience smoother. This may lead to the domination of the Battle Royale game genre.



Black Ops 4 is a well crafted and entertaining game. The game’s intuitive UI (user interface) has great graphics and puts its fun weapons to good use. From amazing multiplayer to the classic Zombies mode and Blackout, Black Ops 4 is one of the finest installments in the series. The game makes up for some minor bug in Blackout with everything else. With no more lagging in matches and more fast-paced action, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 exceeds our expectations for the series and will be hard to top in this quarter of 2018.

Score: 9.4/10