Rambo rams his way into The Weber School

Rambo posing for a picture with Weber class of 2018 students Sam Fialkow and Idan Pinhasi (Courtesy of The Weber School)

Rambo posing for a picture with Weber class of 2018 students Sam Fialkow and Idan Pinhasi (Courtesy of The Weber School)

Sammy Rubin, Arts and Culture Editor

The Weber School announced the designation of their new mascot during a Kehillah meeting last year. The school revealed that the name of the new mascot is Rambo. After originally not having a mascot, the school felt that they needed to amp up the school spirit.

Weber used a survey to decide the name of the mascot. Each student and faculty member had the opportunity to create and vote on a name for the new mascot.

The name Rambo is fitting for the Rams. This can obviously be a reference to the 1982 classic film, Rambo, showing that Weber can be vicious a opponent to their competitors in athletics. Also, since the word “ram” is embedded in the name, Athletic Director Scott Seagraves simply said that “it was just an easy play on words.”

Weber senior Adam Cohen had the privilege of wearing the Rambo suit last year. He expressed that “it feels so awesome to represent my school in this way. Hyping people up is my specialty, so this was a great way to combine my appreciation for Weber and my school spirit.” Having these traits made Adam qualified to represent the Rams. Although it was a great experience for him, it did come with some negative effects. Cohen complained that “it is boiling” inside of the suit. This is understandable because the suit is composed of fur and it covers the entire body. Everything considered, Adam still had a fun time being Rambo.

The school’s reaction to the mascot has been enthusiastic. Coach Seagrave’s stated, “Rambo has only attended a few events so it is too early to tell yet. The reaction had been positive.” After arriving late last school year, Rambo has not been around for a long time, but it seems as though that Weber is enjoying the results. It would be unfair to judge Rambo after such few results.

Rambo has been to a few sporting events so far this year. When he goes to games, he electrifies the crowd by doing entertaining dances and cheering on the team. He is extremely popular amongst the Weber students.

Andrew Altmann, a sophomore and student athlete at The Weber School, says that “Rambo is a great name to represent our team. When I hear the name Rambo I think of lets go Rams.” This informs us that some of the players appreciate the change. When he hears the chant, it gives him a little more motivation on the basketball court.

The mascot is more than an animal that represents a school. It actually unites the whole community by being unique. This new addition should facilitate school activities and give students more pride about their school.