The legacy of Stan Lee (1922-2018)

Comics legend Stan Lee (Edward Liu/Wikimedia Commons).

Comics legend Stan Lee (Edward Liu/Wikimedia Commons).

Ben Ragals

Stan Lee, the man who shaped modern comics and brought joy to so many hearts, was taken to the hospital from his home in Los Angeles on Monday, November 11. He later passed away that day at the age of 95.

Lee was one of the most famous figures in the world of comic books. Not only did he bring amazing success to Marvel Comics, he also brought a very important element to today’s comics: imperfection. Before Marvel was a household name, comics were stories that focused on superheroes who had no flaws. Superman, for example, was supposed to be this perfect being that could not be broken down, which made him stale and boring. But Lee made different stories. Spiderman became spectacularly popular because he had flaws. He wasn’t perfect and he was relatable to the time’s political climate or current issues.

Lee became more of a figurehead rather than just a writer over the years. His use of energetic slogans like “Excelsior!” caught the eye of readers and added to the story. He inserted humorous comments and narrations into his comics that brought fun to some of the perilous journeys of his characters.

A fun-loving, charismatic guy, Lee touched many hearts over the years. Casts and crews of Marvel movies left thoughtful messages noting past experiences with him and happy memories. In fact, the next two Marvel movies have finished certain parts of filming, so it may be possible that Lee will make yet another incredible cameo in the future.

On Twitter, the Russo brothers, the directors for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, tweeted a thank you to Stan Lee (Russo Brothers/Twitter).

In a 2010 documentary about his life, Lee expressed sadness: “I want to do more movies, I want to do more television, more DVDs, more multi-sodes, I want to do more lecturing, I want to do more of everything I’m doing. The only problem is time. I just wish there were more time.”

Stan Lee will be greatly missed.