Weber’s new cheerleading squad


Many students and faculty are eagerly waiting to see what the new cheerleading squads uniform reveal and debut will be. (Courtesy of Canva)

Joey Rubanenko, Web Editor

This year at the Weber School, a new club has emerged. This club will be the first cheer group for Weber Sports. The cheerleading team held tryouts earlier this month and students from every grade showed up to express their excitement for Weber teams. There are 17 students on the team.

The creators of the club were four juniors: Madison Oberkfell, Rebecca Weiner, Alex Roth and Noa Pollinger. So, why did they want to create this club? Roth proclaimed, “I felt that the Weber community needed more spirit. We do not have a football team, so basketball is our big sport and we need to cheer them on!” Agreeing with Roth, Oberkfell said, “We need more pep in our school. We need more supporters for the basketball team.” The cheerleading squad will only be cheering for the Weber basketball teams.

Weber cheerleading is different from cheerleading squads at other schools. Oberkfell, who previously cheered at the Woodward Academy before transferring to Weber, exclaimed, “The difference is other schools cheer for football and other sports while we are only cheering for basketball. Cheerleading is much more competitive at other schools. While we keep it serious, we have a lot of fun with it as well. We do not go to competitions as other schools do.” Oberkfell said she has had a lot more fun with Weber cheerleading so far than at her previous school.

Practices for the squad at times are very tiring and rigorous for the cheerleaders. Roth said the practices sometimes get very intense. She said, “It is hard, we have practices for seven hours on Sundays. We also have one-hour practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays.”

The cheerleading squad has been somewhat of a mystery to the rest of the Weber School. No one has seen any pictures of the cheerleaders practicing and learning their cheers. Also, the uniforms have yet to be seen by the rest of the school.

The new cheerleading squad will be a great spirit boost for the entire school and even the community. These students are going to make the 2018-2019 basketball season much more exciting. Many of the students who play basketball are very excited to see more people from the school come to their games to cheer them on.

The roster of the 2018-2019 Cheerleading Squad

  • Carly Wohlberg, Senior
  • Sydney Glazman, Senior
  • Rebecca Weiner, Junior
  • Madison Oberkfell, Junior
  • Noa Pollinger, Junior
  • Alex Roth, Junior
  • Carly Spandorfer, Sophomore
  • Lili Stadler, Sophomore
  • Anna Wohlberg, Sophomore
  • Lihi Barel, Sophomore
  • Tali Cohn, Sophomore
  • Emma Estroff, Sophomore
  • Ziv Ilan, Sophomore
  • Talia Neufeld, Sophomore
  • Skyler Neuman, Sophomore
  • Frankie Glazman, Freshman
  • Galia Cohen, Freshman