Atlanta United- a season to remember


Fans prepare to celebrate the teams win (Alex Roth/The Weber School)

Joey Rubanenko, Web Editor

It’s official: Atlanta’s newest professional sports team has already won a championship after being brought into the league less than two years ago. Atlanta United Football Club, owned by co-owner of the Atlanta Falcons, Arthur Blank, has brought excitement to the entire city. Thankfully, the team did not let the city down as the Atlanta Falcons and the Georgia Bulldogs did in championship games in overtime the past two seasons.

After missing the playoffs last year, the new, young team got revenge on the league by making it to the championship game and winning on Saturday, December 8 at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The Atlanta United Football Club went up against the Portland Timbers Football Club for the championship. Atlanta United’s regular season record was much better with twenty-one wins, seven losses and five draws (ties). Comparatively, The Timbers’ record was fifteen wins, ten losses, and nine draws.

Many students at The Weber School were very anxious about the big game on Saturday, December 8 because the team had a lot on the line. If they won (which they did), they would claim the league title. If they lost, they would get nothing. Weber students from all grades follow the team. Before the game, sophomore Sammy Rubin proclaimed, “I have been to two games already this year. I am also going to the championship game this Saturday. I am really excited and nervous for the big game. Atlanta sports have always let me down so hopefully, United will change that.” Following up on Rubin’s statement, Logan Spector, sophomore at Weber, reported, ”I have yet to go to a game this year but I [went] on Saturday. I was so happy to watch my favorite team play and get this win.”

Just like other professional sports teams in Atlanta, the crowds at the game are extremely loud and exciting. If a player scores a goal, the whole crowd will stand up and roar with passion. Brent Rodgers, senior at Weber and soccer fanatic, exclaimed, “The crowd is super energetic and exciting. Every time we score, it’s a life changing moment.” At the Major League Soccer (MLS) Championship, Atlanta United and Portland Timbers fans broke the record for most attendance at a championship game.

The Atlanta United team has a ton of potential for the future. Weber senior Ryan Gold said, “The team has an extreme amount of potential for the next few seasons. I really appreciate how hard the team has worked to get the title this season because they know Atlanta sports teams let the city down quite often.” Sammy Rubin added on to Golds’ statement saying, “They are really young and have a bright future. We have the best player, Josef Martinez, in the league, who broke the record for most goals in one season. We will be great for a long time.”

In the end, Atlantans’ anxiety dissolved after Atlanta United took the title by beating the Portland Timbers 2-0. This win would end the 23-year drought of Atlanta sports teams not winning a title. There will be a parade to celebrate the organization’s success on Monday, December 10.