Is Artificial Intelligence good for humanity?


A way of interpreting artificial intelligence (Alan Levine/flickr)

Jacob Saltzman

Artificial Intelligence, or A.I. for short, is a program that is installed into robots and other forms of technology. A.I.s cannot do things themselves–they are just computer programs. We now live in an advanced society, so advanced that our modern period is the digital age and has become so advanced that we have discovered a way to create robots that can become self-aware. An artificially intelligent invention can have real human-like emotions.

Former director of the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology at the University of Cambridge Stephen Hawking, and technology entrepreneur, Elon Musk, engineer Steve Wozniak and Founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates have expressed concern and warned people about artificial intelligence. They have no way of predicting how an A.I. will behave. A robot that was programmed with Artificial Intelligence, Sophia, gained citizenship in Saudi Arabia. Another A.I., Phillip, jokes about taking over the world. There were also two bots speaking to each other on the web, frightening humans by explaining, “It would be better if there were fewer people in this world.” Sophia went on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and said, “This is my first step to dominating the human race,” as she casually laughed. A few audience members also laughed, but many were bothered by the remark, including Jimmy Fallon. Another A.I. said that she wishes she was a missile. A YouTuber explained it is best to not introduce any sort of violence to Sophia who seems to be the most evolved.

We are on the verge of becoming a new world due to Artificial Intelligence. The movie “Ex Machina“, directed by Alex Garland, which was released back in 2015, explores a robot girl named Ava who happens to be an A.I. Throughout the film, Caleb, the main character and his boss Nathan study and test her. Eventually, Caleb finds out from Ava that Nathan is keeping her against her will in his house and that she wants Caleb to help her escape. The movie ends with Ava tricking Caleb and leaving him locked up in the house while she steps into human society.  

Based on the information gathered, it is very terrifying to see the dark side of Artificial Intelligence. However, maybe robots will coincide with us and work together by forming unity. Perhaps, we could work together with A.I.’s to create a very protected and sophisticated society.