The unhealthy effects of soda


Drinking just one soda a day can raise your chance of type 2 diabetes by up to 18 percent. (Courtesy of Pixabay)

Ben Ragals

Soda, without a doubt, is delicious. However, it’s as unhealthy as it is sweet. In fact, a study done by the British Medical Journal found drinking one soda or sugar sweetened beverage a day can increase the chance for Type 2 diabetes by 13-18 percent. People are starting to catch on. Sixty percent of Americans are now trying to avoid soda.

However, this is really hurting the soda industry, especially Coca-Cola. These companies are being forced to adapt in order to keep selling products. Coca-Cola now sells tea and other non-soda items. Along with this, they also sell Coke Zero-Sugar to keep people interested in their main soda line. Taking a closer look at some of their products proves that they still have a large amount of sugar in one average bottle. Not only that, but Coke Zero-Sugar is partially sweetened with acesulfame potassium, which could possibly lead to weight gain, cancer and can affect the development of babies early on.

On top of this, Coke is funding research to “prove” that soda does not have adverse effects on health. A large majority of these studies are biased and outnumber the unbiased ones, making it harder for people to find honest results. When reading a study about how soda is not unhealthy, make sure to check where the funding for the study is coming from.

Soda is addictive, so trying to stop drinking it can be a challenge. However, stopping will drastically lower the chance of diabetes or other diseases. Remember, even if a soda is “zero-sugar” or “diet,” it can still be unhealthy. Cutting off sugary drink intake can really make a person healthier.