Road to the Super Bowl


Super Bowl 53 will take place next weekend in Atlanta, GA. (Courtesy of NFL)

Joey Rubanenko, Sports Writer

Since the National Football League Playoffs began, there have been close, exciting games every week. Viewers have seen crazy catches and controversial calls that have sparked conversation between football fans all over the country. The final game of the playoffs, called the Super Bowl, has incited excitement for fans across the country. The two teams, The New England Patriots, who have been to the Super Bowl three years in a row and the Los Angeles Rams, have been preparing for the Suber Bowl the past two weeks. The game will be played on February 3 at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

Many students at The Weber School are huge football fans and have been paying attention to the entirety of the playoffs. Junior Max Drucker stated in an ecstatic way, “I’m a Patriots fan and have never been so shocked that they have made it this far. I really hope Tom Brady (Quarterback) and Bill Belichick (Head Coach) pull this one off. Since I live in the same city the Super Bowl is being played, my dad said there is a big chance we can attend the game to cheer our favorite team on.” It seems that Drucker is very excited for the game and wishes his team the best.

The Patriots went through a tough away game against the Kansas City Chiefs to get to the Super Bowl, beating them in overtime. Weber students hold varying opinions of teams in the NFL. Brent Rodgers, a senior, proclaimed, “I’m so angry that the Patriots are back in the Super Bowl for the third year in a row! Ever since they beat my favorite team, the Atlanta Falcons, I have always hated every person affiliated with the team and the organization.”

The underdogs of the big game, the Los Angeles Rams, will take the field for the Super Bowl for the first time since 2002 when they also lost to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots with a score of 20-17. To make it to the Super Bowl, the Rams defeated the New Orleans Saints in the semi-finals, the team projected to win the playoffs.

Exciting games and enjoyable activities will be held close to the stadium to make the Super Bowl more than just a game. With the Super Bowl being at the tip of Atlantans’ fingers, many will not take the fun activities for granted as they will happen all over Midtown the week of the Super Bowl. Many artists, such as Bruno Mars and Cardi B, will be performing at State Farm Arena the day before the final game. Junior Jack Toporek said, “I really like the idea of making the Super Bowl more than just the game, but making it a whole fun weekend. If I have the time, I would really like to check out the scene of all the events going on in Midtown for Super Bowl weekend.”