Enjoying the Super Bowl

The 2019 Super Bowl homepage for the NFL website. (Courtesy of NFL)

The 2019 Super Bowl homepage for the NFL website. (Courtesy of NFL)

Jacob Saltzman

Held in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, many natives of Georgia came together for the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl this year was peculiar in that only one touchdown was scored during the entire game by the New England Patriots. Once again, they won the Super Bowl for the sixth time. Tom Brady earned another Super Bowl ring to add to his collection, which is now six in total. The Patriots played the Los Angeles Rams, and while the Rams did put up a strong fight the entire game, they still lost.

The New Orleans Saints lost to the Patriots in the playoffs and many New Orleans Saints fans were very upset. Fans really wanted to see the Saints win this year. One fan, Henry Juame, stated in his obituary that he was “determined not to watch Super Bowl LIII.” 

Whether the Saints and Rams played or the Rams and the Patriots played, people can still have a good time, having a barbecue, inviting friends and family over and being social really help to enlighten the mood. The Super Bowl is a good time for long distant friends to catch up or long distant family members.  

While some Weber students were lucky enough to attend the actual Super Bowl, others looked forward to spending time with their friends and family. Weber senior Aaron Solomiany stated, “I went to Publix to buy some chips along with sodas. I love football so I was really excited for the Super Bowl.” Another senior, Matt Winston, exclaimed, “I went over to my friend’s house to watch the Super Bowl and had a lot of fun.”