Weber watching


Watching TV is a fun hobby for people to do during their down time. (Al Ibrahim/ Flickr)

Joey Rubanenko and Sammy Rubin

Did you know that the average person watches about 141 hours of television per month, or 1,692 hours per year? Assuming a person reaches the average U.S life expectancy of 78, that would be about 15 years of his or her life dedicated directly to watching television. The average person spends almost five hours a day on viewing platforms such as cable, Netflix and Hulu. The average amount of television watched by a single person is way too high and it has a negative effect on physical and mental health.

Students at The Weber School enjoy watching TV even though they have very busy schedules with homework, sports and many other extracurriculars. Most students typically watch TV shows on Netflix, which is now more popular than cable television in the United States of America. Netflix has over 50 million subscribers while cable TV has about 48 million subscribers.

Americans tend to watch a lot of TV once they get home from a long day of work or school. Weber students do a pretty good job not watching too much television. Junior Max Ripans, said, “I usually watch around five hours of TV a week. I don’t have much time to watch TV and Netflix because of all the work I have to do. Junior year is very rigorous.” Freshman Kira Berzack, stated, “I watch about six hours of TV a week. Some of my favorite shows are Sophia the First, Shameless and The League.”

Many Weber students’ favorite shows are on Netflix. The Office, Friends, That 70’s Show, Riverdale, Blue Mountain State and 13 Reasons Why are some of the most popular shows. Sophomore Eden Vainer, agreed with this statement by proclaiming, “The Office, That 70’s Show and Friends are my favorite TV shows and they are all on Netflix. All three of the shows are very similar because they are all extremely funny.”

All across cable television and Netflix, there are shows that are controversial because of some of the graphic scenes that these shows contain. 13 Reasons Why, a Netflix Original show, has graphic scenes of suicide and self-harm. Many people all over the world have started petitions to take the show down and even cancel the future seasons of the show. There are several petitions online with up to 5,000 supporters that want the show taken off of the network.

Frankie Grossman, a junior and huge Netflix watcher at Weber, stated, “13 Reasons Why is a well-made show but is very gory and focuses on many touchy subjects that should not be brought up in a show directed towards high school students. I myself, watched through [both of the] seasons and read the book and would agree that the show did get out of hand with some of the scenes they inserted.” Students also watch other controversial shows. Sophomore Jordyn Starr watches Black Mirror. She stated that the show “is one [she loves]. It explores what would happen in a society if it was corrupt, and it’s a fascinating show.”

Many people would rather listen to audiobooks and podcasts instead of watching TV. Mr. Sam Bradford, English teacher and Dean of English at Weber, said that he listens to audiobooks anytime he can. A lot of the podcasts that he listens to are related to what he can teach in his classes in the future. Although he does not watch much TV, he said he would love to follow up on Black Mirror.

Although TV shows are entertaining, it would probably be best to decrease Netflix and TV usage as much as possible. Balance your TV watching habits with other forms of entertainment such as reading a book or going for a run.