An image of the beginning of Winter Storm Austin (flickr)
An image of the beginning of Winter Storm Austin (flickr)

Winter snow storms

February 4, 2019

2019 has kicked off with major snow storms around the United States. Washington D.C. received about eight inches of snow in December causing dangerous icy roads. A snow storm in Wisconsin, Winter Storm Austin, caused many automobile accidents, resulting in 12 deaths. This snow storm has mostly hit the northeastern  part of Wisconsin. It was so bad that it was too dangerous to even go outside. Surprisingly, New York has yet to receive a big storm this year, which is usually the state that gets more snow than most, causing really bad traffic.  

Unfortunately, Winter Storm Austin has caused many accidents throughout Wisconsin, some of which were truck collisions. People were strictly advised to stay within their homes and to not go on the roads at all until Winter Storm Austin cleared. Fox 11 News  offered the people of Wisconsin some tips about how to deal with this storm.

The state of Mississippi also received heavy snow that started in lower Mississippi and then moved more south.Parts of Atlanta just had a light snow shower on January the 29th. Metro counties and schools closed as a result. 

Snow storms can be very dangerous and likely to cause harm to people within vehicles or even without vehicles. It is likely that this storm can clear up pretty soon. Luckily, all the news networks were alerting people, making sure they stayed up to date on the weather in order to prevent anyone from getting hurt in these storms. 

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