A refection on “Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors”

Nicole Cobb

The “Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors” exhibit wowed Atlantans during its showing at the High Museum from Nov. 18, 2018 to Feb. 17, 2019. The exhibit included over six decades of Kusama’s art, including her famous Infinity Mirrors rooms. The event sold out quickly, with more than 120,000 advanced tickets available. Many Weber students visited the exhibit and were amazed by Kusama’s art.

Infinity Mirrored Room — The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away (Amber Singleton/The Weber School)

“The exhibit was delightful. It was fun and whimsy.” – Cheryl Mybro, Weber Ceramics teacher and 3D Artist-in-Residence

Infinity Mirrored Room—
Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity (Nicole Cobb/The RamPage)

“Being encompassed in such a beautiful experience opened my eyes to a new form of imagination. Seeing these lanterns surround me was such an incredible thing to see. Pictures cannot describe this surreal experience.” – Kira Berzack, Weber freshman

Dots Obsession—Love Transformed into Dots (Nicole Cobb/The RamPage)

“I thought this exhibit was very aesthetically pleasing, and it was refreshing to see a bright pop of pink utilized rather than dull colors.” – Eden Vainer, Weber sophomore

Infinity Mirrored Room — Love Forever (Nicole Cobb/The RamPage)

“It was very interesting to see a different perspective of schizophrenia, because it it normally perceived as dark and violent images, but [Kusama] was seeing bright and vibrant lights.” – Arielle Roth, Weber junior

Infinity Mirrored Room—Phalli’s Field (Nicole Cobb/The RamPage)

“I was in another world.” -Bobbi Sloan, Weber sophomore

Dots Obsession—Love Transformed into Dots (Amber Singleton/The Weber School)

“When I saw this, it made me reflect on the idea of perspective. The more I looked at it, the more beautiful the array of pink circles seemed.” -Jordyn Starr, Weber sophomore