Purim 2019


It is a tradition to dress up in masks for Purim. (Courtesy of Pixabay)

Eden Vainer

Purim at Weber is always a big celebration, and this year will be no exception. The Jewish holiday is centered around the ancient Megillah scroll, telling the story of Queen Esther and her fight for the Jewish people. Purim begins on the evening of Wednesday, Mar. 20 and continues through Thursday, Mar. 21. Student Council has been preparing for the week of festivities that comes along with Purim.

Purim has many traditions embedded in its storyline. One example is the practice of sending Mishloach Manot, where people deliver baskets full of goods to others in their community, is derived from the text of the Megillah. The gift giving symbolizes not just generosity, but also the unity of the Jewish people. At Weber, the Mishloach Manot tradition has been carried out for years. A bag with all types of snacks is prepared for each student and handed out during the week of Purim as a token of appreciation for the Weber family.

Another celebrated tradition of the holiday is dressing up in fun costumes. Every year, the week of Purim is “Spirit Week” at Weber, with each day of the week dedicated to a different theme. This year’s designated days are as follows: Monday is Weber Walking (zombies), then Tuesday is a 2000s throwback, followed by Western Wednesday and finally Faculty Thursday. Junior and Student Council member Frankie Grossman stated, “all in all, I think the days are cute and can be really fun.”

The most famous, and probably the most anticipated Purim tradition at Weber is the Purim Shpiel, where the junior grade creates a film retelling the story of the holiday. Junior Joey Rubanenko exclaimed that “the Purim Shpiel is a great way for the juniors to do something together as a grade. Not only is it fun to be a part of but it also covers the religious standpoint of the holiday.” 

Lastly, the school-wide formal dance is the finale to the thrilling week. Formal’s theme this year is a Masquerade, which is very fitting because it happens to fall on the second day of Purim. Director of Student Programming and Leadership Mrs. Michelle Geppert stated that “the theme is more about the decorations,” but it will be interesting to see which students accessorize their formal outfits to play along with the festive theme. After a half day of school on Thursday, students will separate briefly before the dance commences at 7:30 in the evening. The night is expected to be full of fun and immerse students in a festive Purim environment.