Teacher Appreciation Week


This past week Weber has shown its appreciation towards Weber faculty. (Pixabay/Wokandapix)

Jolie Abadi

Mar. 11 through Mar. 15 at Weber was Teacher Appreciation Week. Weber parents and students dedicated this week to the teachers by expressing their gratitude through cards, gifts and other surprises.

On Monday, the teachers had an omelet bar catered with made-to-order omelets in the morning. When asked for her thoughts on the omelet bar, English Teacher Leigh Herman stated that “breakfast is my favorite meal and I love having a warm, complete breakfast. The omelet bar made me happy because breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

On Tuesday, the teachers had a yogurt bar in the morning and a surprise in the afternoon. A few Weber parents came into school with a cart containing various kinds of Girl Scout Cookies and bottles of milk. The parents went into every class and gave each teacher a box of their choosing along with a bottle of milk. Some teachers chose to keep the cookies for themselves, but others let their students enjoy the cookies as well. Sophomore Rebecca Lewyn said that “Morah Illai (Hebrew teacher) let [her] class choose which type of Girl Scout Cookie that [they] wanted and then the whole class ate them together, it was really nice.” When asked why she thought Teacher Appreciation Week was important, Lewyn responded saying, “it is really good to show thanks to the teachers at Weber because they probably do not always feel loved and appreciated by the students. It is also really nice to see teachers smile when you express gratitude for them.”

On Wednesday, the teachers had a catered BBQ lunch. This was nice according to Jewish Studies teacher Chaya Lieberman because “[she] got a chance to sit with some of [her] colleagues and chat. [She] often eats lunch in [her] classroom, so it was a really nice social experience.” She then stated, “it really does feel good to have the parents do these things for us teachers. I know that’s goofy, but it really does feel like that.”

On Thursday, Mar. 14, the teachers received homemade pies baked by the Weber parents, in honor of Pi Day, which is the annual celebration of the mathematical constant π. The flavors included Oreo, apple, pecan and others.

On Friday, teachers had the opportunity to get chair massages all day with a special gift card. When asked if she was excited about the chair massages, Rabbi Pamela Gottfried said, “I think it’s really nice that the parents do this for us, and I know a lot of the teachers are excited, but massages just aren’t my thing. I am really appreciative though.”

It is safe to say that this week showed how much our students and parents appreciate our school’s teachers!