Weber takes on the Fun Run!


Families at the event had an awesome time running. (Laura Bowers/The Weber School)

Joey Rubanenko

On Mar. 10, 2019, Spanish Teacher Laura Bowers organized and hosted the Los Niños Primero Fun Run at the Weber School. The run was held to raise money for under privileged Latino children. Los Niños Primero, the organization that Weber has donated to, is “an organization that prepares underserved Latino pre-school children for educational success by providing opportunities to develop their language, cognitive, social and motor skills.” Many students from the Weber School volunteered to participate to make the run fun and exciting for the children.

Senior Madison Tessler shows off her first place medal. (Rebecca Mcullough/The Weber School)

The National Spanish Society at Weber helped to set up and clean up the Fun Run. Junior Jeremy Seir, member of The National Spanish Society, exclaimed, “It felt awesome to help out kids in need and I am hoping they had as much fun as I did at the event.” Agreeing with Seir, senior Ryan Gold, who is also a member of the National Spanish Society said, “I had a great time interacting with the niños (children). Working hard to set up the event was totally worth it to see all the big smiles on the young kids faces.”

The event consisted of a one kilometer fun run and a five kilometer race. The Fun Run was two laps around the soccer field, while the 5K was around four laps around the entire campus of Weber for the more competitive runners. Senior Luke Pearlman was the winner of the 5K race, which is not shocking as he is one of the top runners on the Weber Cross Country Team.

Many teachers at Weber also participated in the event. English teacher Ms. Leigh Herman stated, “The event successfully raised thousands of dollars for a very worthy cause and I enjoyed getting in a little exercise during the process.”

5K runners finishing up the race. (Rebecca Mcullough/The Weber School)

The students who volunteered at the Fun Run received up to 15 hours of community service. Junior Max Ripans said, “Receiving the community service hours was amazing because while gaining the hours, I also had an amazing time doing it. It was great helping kids who do not have a lot.” Agreeing with Ripans, senior Ben Finkelstein stated, “Several good things came out of helping at the Fun Run. Not only did I have fun, but I also gained service hours. Even without the community service hours, I still would have helped out with the event.”

Ms. Bowers said, “It can be hard to get kids to rally for a cause and show up. I had to really push for people to sign up and actually show up to the race which was really tough. Hopefully next year, it will be a little easier now that students know it’s a great opportunity to volunteer together and have fun.”