Weber’s first elective fair


Students gather in the gymnasium to see all of the electives being offered. (Tiffany Klang/ The Weber School)

Jolie Abadi

Weber’s faculty has decided to change the class selection process for the 2019-2020 school year. Instead of students having two meetings with their grade level dean, they will be able to pick their classes online through Plus Portals. In order for students to understand all of the elective options being offered for next school year, Weber held an “Elective Fair” during enrichment on Wednesday, February 20 in the gymnasium.

At the fair, each potential elective had a table with its designated teacher and an informative poster. Students walked around the gym, looked at the electives and signed up to demonstrate interest in certain classes.

Weber will be offering many new electives in the upcoming school year, some of which include “Sports Nutrition,” “Otiot” and ”G-d in Film.” “Sports Nutrition” is a class that teaches students about healthy foods that benefit performance in sports. “Otiot” is a Hebrew language class as well as a cooking class. “G-d in Film” is a class that focuses on the way that G-d is portrayed in movies. Weber’s new Daniel Zalik Academy will be ready for the next school year. A lot of new and returning computer science and design electives will be a part of the Daniel Zalik Academy, examples of which are “Prototyping and Modelmaking”, “AP Computer Science” and “Graphic Design.”

Some of the popular electives among the students this school year are “Things That Go Bump in the Night,” “Criminal Psychology” and the various Ceramics classes offered. Sophomore Talia Neufeld stated that “’Criminal Psychology’ was one of [her] favorite classes. It was a lot of work, but it was one of the most interesting classes [she] has ever taken.” Neufeld loved it so much that she said she “wishes that she could take it again.” “Things That Go Bump In The Night” is a course about Jewish mysticism. Sophomore Eden Vainer says that she loves the class because “it is really cool to learn about mythical creatures and their relation to Judaism.” She also said that “the art projects are fun, too.”

Many students are excited about the new Sports Science classes that will be offered next year. The classes will be taught by  Head Athletic Director Coach Scott Seagraves and Assistant Athletic Director Coach Jessica LaGala. It will be the first time Weber has ever offered a sports medicine elective as a class. Sophomore Noam Friedman is excited for this particular elective because she is “interested in becoming a doctor and [she] thinks this class will be helpful for her future.”

Overall, Weber students are very excited about the upcoming 2019-2020 school year course offerings because of the many new electives that they will be able to take.