Weber’s largest Model U.N. team


Weber’s Model U.N. team for the 2018-2019 school year. (Courtesy of the Weber School)

Jacob Saltzman

Model United Nations, or Model U.N. for short, is an extracurricular activity in which students roleplay delegates in a simulated United Nations experience. Many students participate in this activity worldwide. In Model U.N., students get the chance to debate, represent countries and receive experiences that are lifelong. Here in Atlanta, the Weber School has their own group of delegates which consists of 21 members: Kira Berzack, Micah Bronfman, Ryan Diamond, Spencer Dickson, Ari Gabay, Jonah Gordon, Harris Jacobs, Alison Lazarus, David Leavitt, Jordan Mark, Eli Medof, Grant Miller, Zack Miller, Daniel Mordoch, Josh Nelkin, Nathan Posner, Cole Schindler, Luke Schindler, Logan Spector, Zachary Vidican, and Matt Winston.  

This year, The Weber School Model U.N. team competed at a conference in Athens on the University of Georgia Campus. According to “What’s Up Weber?,” this year’s team is the biggest delegation that has ever competed from the Weber School and “the Weber delegation represented Hungary, Uruguay and Papua New Guinea in various United Nations committees dealing with a range of current issues and crises.”

Weber senior Zachary Vidican, a member of the Model U.N. team, said, “Rabbi Harwitz is our advisor. He brings joy to our team. He does a good job keeping everything organized and he really cares about us doing well.” According to “What’s Up Weber?”, students produced a position paper for their respective committees. The students also embraced their roles as diplomats and negotiated with delegates. Zachary also stated, “In Athens, we didn’t have enough space to stay in the hotel after one night, so we decided to stay at the UGA center instead.” When Zachary was asked if he had fun he exclaimed, “Yes, I think we all did.” The Chabad in Athens was happy to welcome the Model U.N. team for shabbat. This year, the student delegates did a great job representing Weber.