Executive Council election week at Weber


All Student Council Executive Board candidates pose for a group photo outside of the Weber building. (Michelle Geppert/ The Weber School)

Jolie Abadi

Mar. 25 to Mar. 29 was campaign week for Weber’s Executive Board of Student Council for the 2019-2020 school year. Students campaigned by placing creative campaign fliers around the school and handing out treats to the student body. Throughout the week, candidates were buttering up their fellow classmates by handing out Hershey bars, Skittles and even croissants in order to encourage votes.

The positions on the Executive Board are President, Vice President, Vice President of Programming, Vice President of Communications, Vice President of Community Outreach and Vice President of Finance.

The process leading up to election day at Weber is a lengthy one. First, the candidates must write a candidate position paper. This paper must be no longer than a page, and the candidates must follow the requirements given. An example of a required aspect on one of these papers would be “what makes a good student council?” The candidate position papers are sent out to students via email and are placed on Weber Shook. These papers are an influential part of campaigning because they demonstrate candidate integrity.

The week of the elections was the candidates’ chance to hang up their posters throughout the school. Some posters were funnier than others. For example, Frankie Grossman, who ran for Vice President of Programming, placed her baby pictures on her posters. Candidates at Weber try to bribe their peers by handing out the one thing that most students at Weber love the most: food. Sophomore Miki Covitz said that “election week is the best week of the year because candidates hand out free food every day.”

Friday, Mar. 29 was election day. All of the candidates presented their prepared speeches in front of the freshmen, sophomore and junior classes at Kehillah. Many candidates were very nervous to speak in front of a big audience. Sophomore and Vice President of Student Council candidate, Micah Bronfman was “very nervous for [his] speech.” Bronfman said that “[he] could not stop thinking about his speech for the whole week, [he] just wanted to get it over with.” Junior and Vice President of Community Outreach candidate Noa Grace Pollinger said, “even though I have spoken at Kehillah many times, I was still so nervous to present my speech in front of all those people.”

After all candidates gave their speeches, the voting ballots were sent out in an email. The voting polls closed at 12 p.m. that Friday and the Student Council Executive Board for the 2019-2020 school year was announced in an email at the end of the school day.

Congratulations to Weber’s new Executive Council, and to everybody else, better luck next year!


2019-2020 Student Council Executive Board:

  • President: Sydney Fialkow, rising senior
  • Vice President: Micah Bronfman, rising junior
  • Vice President of Communications: Chloe Lipton, rising senior
  • Vice President of Community Outreach: Noa Grace Pollinger, rising senior
  • Vice President of Finance: Max Ripans, rising senior
  • Vice President of Programming: Frankie Grossman, rising senior