Mother’s Day 2019


Mothers Day is an important opportunity to recognize your mom. (Nicole Cobb/TheRampage)

Sammy Rubin

Mother’s Day occurs on the second Sunday of every May. This year, the date fell on May 12. The annual event is a time for progeny to show their mothers how much they appreciate her. Having a day like this is crucial because many mothers do not the attention and recognition that they deserve.

For my mom, I got her flowers, a card, a candle and a plaque. Even though I had to go out of my way to get these gifts, it was totally worth it when I saw the smile on her face. She enjoyed these gifts and we went to a nice dinner that night.

My mom, Stacie Rubin, said that “it feels nice to have a day dedicated to us because we donate everyday of our lives to our family and children.” Mother’s Day does an excellent job in returning the favor to mothers worldwide and it isn’t slowing down. She added “this mother’s Day was the best because I got to spend it with my sons. We had a great time laughing and having fun. What is important to me is that everybody is happy.” Mothers look out for everybody around them and their children should do the same. Don’t debate whether or not to do something genuine for your mom and just do it.

Other students at Weber showed their grace towards their mothers. Weber sophomore Nicole Cobb said that she “got [her] mom some earrings and flowers in addition to cards. [She] also made [her] mom a pitcher in [her] Ceramics class. On Mother’s Day morning, [she] made breakfast for [her] whole family, and in the afternoon, [she] and [her] mom  went to an arts festival.”

We all love our moms but we don’t demonstrate that enough. Cobb went on to say that “Mother’s Day is important to [her] because [she] loves [her] mom, but [she] don’t always show it. Having a day for [her] mom gives [her] an opportunity to show her how much [she] appreciates everything she does for [her] and [her] brother.” It is integral that people show their mothers that they are not unnoticed and that the hard work that they put into their kids’ is not overlooked.