Pizza Madness

Pizza Reviews with Joey and Eli.


Pizza Reviews with Joey and Eli. (Joey Rubanenko/The RamPage)

Joey Rubanenko and Eli Weiner


Pizza Madness came to a close this past weekend and it did not disappoint. Through meticulous consideration, Joey Rubanenko and I (Eli Weiner) have determined that Joe’s New York Pizzeria in Alpharetta has the best cheese slice in the area.

However, we were only able to try seven restaurants places, so, we asked some notable Weber students and faculty what their favorite pizza places in Atlanta are. Senior Ryan Gold, whose family is from New York and loves pizza, says that “Cameli’s in Little Five Points is by far the best slice in town. It’s almost laughable that you guys didn’t try it. lol!” Juniors Jeremy Sier and Jack Toporek also named Cameli’s as their favorite pizza.

Fellini’s pizza has stolen the hearts of many in the area, including our very own Ms. Leigh Herman. She says that “not only is it conveniently located near my house, but they make a really great Sicilian crust.” Lastly, Principle Shlaina Van Dyke boldly claims that “Antico’s is [her] favorite.” Antico’s was surprisingly underwhelming for Joey and me, as the lesser known Mama’s pizza upset it in the Final Four of our bracket.

Now, we want to know our audience’s favorite pizza. Comment below to give us some suggestions!